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Helicopters in Stores Now

Helicopters add a unique element to TANKS: The Modern Age, with models that can fly over the battlefield and engage targets that would otherwise feel safe.


These unique and interesting models are in stores now and will add a new dynamic to your TANKS games. Click the link below to find out more about how these great models work in TANKS as well as finding more information on our new releases.

The Tanks that Stole Christmas

Happy Holidays! We will be away over the holidays but we thought we would leave you a small gift just from us! A Christmas TANKS Mission that you can play with your friends and family over the holiday break. The Tank That Stole Christmas Mission takes the traditional Christmas tale and brings it to life on the table top.

So fix a glass of eggnog, throw the Yule log on the fire, gather your tanks and closest friends, and have yourself a Tank-y little Christmas!

Click here to download the Tanks that Stole Christmas mission…

Let's Play: TANKS! The Modern Age

If you want to learn how to play Tanks! The Modern Age, Beasts Of War take us through how movement, shooting, and turn sequences play out in the game. Then it's time to get down to action as John and Freddy duke it out for the final three rounds of their game, with John's reputation as a tank commander hanging in the balance.

Unboxing TANKS: The Modern Age Starter Set - M1 Vs T-64 - Beasts Of War

are sitting down in the studio to have a look at the newest Tanks! The Modern Age Starter Set from Battlefront Miniatures. If you're looking for a quick skirmish game with your models from Flames of War or Team Yankee, Tanks! is the game for you, with a quick set rule system you can be driving your tanks as you engage your enemies.


Click here to watch the Beasts Of War Unboxing Video...


Last weekend the team from Aetherworks attended PAX AUS (in Australia) and demo'ed TANKS. They were kind enough to send us some great photos of their stand and all the action. We've put the photos up on the website in the link below.




PAX is a series of gaming conventions held in Seattle, Boston, Melbourne, Philadelphia, and San Antonio. Founded by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, authors of the popular web comic Penny Arcade, each PAX is a show dedicated to supporting and celebrating video and tabletop gaming.



Last weekend the team from Aetherworks attended PAX AUS (in Australia) and demo'ed TANKS. They were kind enough to send us some great photos of their stand and all the action


West Germans In TANKS: The Modern Age

The Germans are fighting this war in their own back yard. They are fighting for their very way of life. In TANKS: The Modern Age, the German models gain a re-roll to their Defence rolls when they are not near another friendly model. On top of that you get to redeploy one of your tanks after all the tanks have been deployed, this second ability is quite good and works with abilities like Spearhead.


West Germans in TANKS: The Modern Age...

British In TANKS: The Modern Age

WWIII has broken out and the British have not been caught unawares. In fact they have been drilling their troops constantly preparing them for the fight to come. This defensive training is reflected in their Platoon card. Berlin Brigade gives the British models in your platoon a +1 Defence while Stationary. In TANKS: The Modern Age being stationary, to put it simply, is awesome. Yes you do give up your movement but you gain the ability to re-roll any of your attack dice. Giving up movement in a Berlin Brigade Platoon comes with a lot more bonus then drawbacks. 


 British In TANKS: The Modern Age...

Soviets In TANKS: The Modern Age

Knowing that war was inevitable, the higher command issued the orders to launch a pre-emptive strike. To reflect this, the Soviets in TANKS: The Modern Age all about aggression. Their Red Banner Platoon card gives them +1 to their Attack if that targeting a model at close range. So you want to get in close so you can hit hard.


Soviets In TANKS: The Modern Age...

Americans In TANKS: The Modern Age

Being on the front line at the start of WWIII, America joined this World War on day one, and will fight until its won. In TANKS: The Modern Age the Americans have diverse selections of units they can take. Their Platoon card gives them the ability to swap out a Critical Hit for two normal hits, letting every model hit harder then you may think. The Americans like to sit back and hit targets that are racing towards them, so setting up a good firing line in a forest or another well defended position will let you get the most out of your American Platoon.


Americans In TANKS: The Modern Age...

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