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Soviet TANKS Previews

It is time for the Soviet juggernaut to once again be unleashed on the TANKS world. Like the British, the Soviets benefited from the Lend Lease program and received Stuart and Lee tanks from the US, as well as Valentine and Churchill tanks from the UK. Of course they had plenty of their own designs including the fearsome KV, the bane of many a Panzer commander as well as an earlier version of the T-34 that was being manufactured in Stalingrad whilst the fighting drew ever closer. Check out these sneak peeks before they release in August and September.


KV Tank Expansion...
T-34 (Early) Tank Expansion...
Lend Lease Valentine Expansion...
Lend Lease Churchill Tank Expansion...
Lend Lease M3S Lee Tank Expansion...
Lend Lease M3L Stuart Tank Expansion...

TANKS Spotlights - Desert Tanks

The website has been updated with the last of our desert tank spotlights. These include the British Sherman, Valentine, Priest (RHA) and the iconic and incredibly tough Churchill tank. We also have for the Italians the M14/41 and the Semovente to slug it out in the desert. Check them out here:

Churchill Tank Expansion...
Sherman II Tank Expansion...
Valentine Tank Expansion...
Priest (RHA) Tank Expansion...
Semovente Tank Expansion...
M14/41 Tank Expansion...


Over the past couple of months, we have been working a lot more closely with the community and one of the things that has been a high priority for us is to provide a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. Today we are excited to present the Playtest version of the document.

Because the FAQ has been a long time coming we wanted to make sure that as many of your questions were covered off as possible. So rather than presenting the first version of the FAQ as a completed document we wanted to involve the community as we go through our own internal playtesting process.

In a few weeks once our process is complete, and we’ve had a chance to review your comments and questions we will issue the document as the first Official TANKS FAQ. Of course, in the meantime there is no reason you can’t use it as it stands now.


Right Click here to download the TANKS FAQ...

Siege Of Tobruk and The Withdrawal At Benghazi

This week we are excited to announce that we are releasing the third installment of the Desert Fox Organized Play Season as a downloadable print and pay PDF. In this mission you will be fighting in the Siege Of Tobruk with your friends in one big massive battle. 


Siege Of Tobruk...


In this mission the Germans are attacking the retreating British forces hoping to break through them. The Allied forces must hold back the advancing German tanks in order to secure there retreat. 


The Withdrawal At Benghazi...

British Heavy Tanks Preview

British Tanks were broadly split into three different categories; Cruiser tanks like the Crusader tank, Lend Lease tanks like the Sherman and Grant, and Infantry (or Heavy) tanks like the Churchill and Valentine.


Since their role on the battlefield was to move at the pace of the infantry they were able to mount heavy armour and guns.


British Heavy Tanks Preview...

British Tanks Preview

British TANKS players get to benefit from not only their own designs with the Valentine and Churchill but also tanks received from their American allies in the form of the Sherman II and Priest (RHA). The Sherman II gives British players a cheaper alternative to the existing Sherman V.


British Tanks Preview...

TANKS Death Or Glory Releases

Over the next few weeks we are going to be previewing our new TANKS releases. In the meantime you can see what's coming up next and when.

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2018 TANKS New Years Resolutions


Spoiler Alert, 2018 is a new year which means we all have New Year’s Resolutions. Hopefully some of you have made a resolution to build, paint and play more TANKS. Ironically that’s one of ours too, except we are adding ‘hang out in our new Facebook Group more’ to the list.

Behind the scenes the TANKS team has been busy working on a pile of new content for this year but we have been so focused on the hidden stuff that we have not taken the time to get out and (virtually) catch up with the community enough so to help us we’ve created a new Facebook Group which will replace our forum on the TANKS website.   
 So, what is on our agenda for this year?
  • The Italian Army is joining TANKS, adding our first completely new nation to the game
  • The British are getting reinforcements including the mighty Churchill
  • A new Desert OP series focusing on the North Africa Campaign
  • Community Partnered Initiatives (sounds fancy, but it really means we want to work with you on):
  1. A comprehensive FAQ aimed and new and existing players
  2. An errata covering any issues that we’ve spotted
  3. Competitions so the community can show off their talents

We also have plenty on the drawing board for the second half of the year with new releases for our Soviet players so hang on tight!


So where does this leave us now? Our first job is to hang out in the TANKS Group more, so head over there and tag one of the TANKS team with your thoughts and we will get back to you ASAP.


Head over to the new Facebook Group now...

2018 TANKS New Years Resolutions

Spoiler Alert, 2018 is a new year which means we all have New Year’s Resolutions. Hopefully some of you have made a resolution to build, paint and play more TANKS.


Ironically that’s one of ours too, except we are adding ‘hang out in our new Facebook Group more’ to the list.


Check out  our full list of Resolutions here... 

TANKS Death Or Glory Release Schedule


Over the past few weeks we’ve teased you about what you can expect to see from our next wave of TANKS releases. Pre-order them now from your local retailer or here on our Online Store.


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April 2018 Releases  
TANKS54  M14/41
TANKS55  Semovente

Italian Dice Set (6)


Italian Desert Campaign Organised Play Kit 1


The Italian Fort Game Mat 36” x 36”

May 2018 Releases

Valentine II/III


Sherman II


Armoured Fist Dice Set (6)


Italian Desert Campaign Organised Play Kit 2 


Rocky Ground Game Mat 36” x 36”

June 2018 Releases  

Churchill III

TANKS63 Priest (RHA)

Italian Desert CampaignOrganised Play Kit 3


El Alamein Game Mat 36” x 36”