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TANKS Death Or Glory Releases

Over the next few weeks we are going to be previewing our new TANKS releases. In the meantime you can see what's coming up next and when.

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2018 TANKS New Years Resolutions


Spoiler Alert, 2018 is a new year which means we all have New Year’s Resolutions. Hopefully some of you have made a resolution to build, paint and play more TANKS. Ironically that’s one of ours too, except we are adding ‘hang out in our new Facebook Group more’ to the list.

Behind the scenes the TANKS team has been busy working on a pile of new content for this year but we have been so focused on the hidden stuff that we have not taken the time to get out and (virtually) catch up with the community enough so to help us we’ve created a new Facebook Group which will replace our forum on the TANKS website.   
 So, what is on our agenda for this year?
  • The Italian Army is joining TANKS, adding our first completely new nation to the game
  • The British are getting reinforcements including the mighty Churchill
  • A new Desert OP series focusing on the North Africa Campaign
  • Community Partnered Initiatives (sounds fancy, but it really means we want to work with you on):
  1. A comprehensive FAQ aimed and new and existing players
  2. An errata covering any issues that we’ve spotted
  3. Competitions so the community can show off their talents

We also have plenty on the drawing board for the second half of the year with new releases for our Soviet players so hang on tight!


So where does this leave us now? Our first job is to hang out in the TANKS Group more, so head over there and tag one of the TANKS team with your thoughts and we will get back to you ASAP.


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2018 TANKS New Years Resolutions

Spoiler Alert, 2018 is a new year which means we all have New Year’s Resolutions. Hopefully some of you have made a resolution to build, paint and play more TANKS.


Ironically that’s one of ours too, except we are adding ‘hang out in our new Facebook Group more’ to the list.


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TANKS Death Or Glory Release Schedule


Over the past few weeks we’ve teased you about what you can expect to see from our next wave of TANKS releases. Pre-order them now from your local retailer or here on our Online Store.


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April 2018 Releases  
TANKS54  M14/41
TANKS55  Semovente

Italian Dice Set (6)


Italian Desert Campaign Organised Play Kit 1


The Italian Fort Game Mat 36” x 36”

May 2018 Releases

Valentine II/III


Sherman II


Armoured Fist Dice Set (6)


Italian Desert Campaign Organised Play Kit 2 


Rocky Ground Game Mat 36” x 36”

June 2018 Releases  

Churchill III

TANKS63 Priest (RHA)

Italian Desert CampaignOrganised Play Kit 3


El Alamein Game Mat 36” x 36”


British TANKS Preview

‘They want us to do WHAT?’.

Lieutenant Steele dropped into the turret of his lovely new American Sherman tank, ‘Bulldog’, before replying. ‘Orders straight from Monty. We’re to bust through the anti-tank guns and stop the counterattack. We’re the only ones he thinks are up to the task, so let’s show him how we do things!’. Muttering curses under his breath, the driver started up Bulldog and they rolled off.

Moving up to the ridge, Steele started calling targets to his gunner. Bulldog rocked back as high explosive rounds flew downrange. With a terrible clang, a round ricocheted off the side of the tank.

‘Davis, blast that bugger!’, he instructed his gunner, and was rewarded by a brilliant flash as a round impacted the offending anti-tank gun.

Another round impacted the tank, this time finding its mark, bringing the tank to a sudden halt.

‘Transmission’s out!’, Fraser, the tank’s driver shouted, pain obvious in his voice.

‘Alright then, time to get lucky’, the young Lieutenant thought as the breech slammed shut on the next round.Again, Davis found his mark, leaving a pile of mangled metal where the dreaded gun once stood.


British TANKS players get to benefit from not only their own designs with the Valentine and Churchill but also tanks received from their American allies in the form of the Sherman II and Priest (RHA).


The Sherman II gives British players a cheaper alternative to the existing Sherman V and comes with the Sherman Platoon Upgrade Card allowing British players to have the same benefits as their American counterparts when they run a Sherman based force in TANKS. Another Upgrade card is Raymond Briggs. He is a British tank hero that costs 5 points and gives his Sherman an additional Defence dice and all other Sherman’s in his platoon Initiative +1. 


The Priest (RHA) gives players another Artillery option and when combined with Semi-Indirect Fire it can lay down some firepower on unsuspecting targets. Combine this with the new Hero A. H. H. Barrow who allows his tank (and any friendly tanks within a Movement Arrow) to retain up to two dice when using Semi-Indirect Fire and you will find a Priest (RHA) battery makes a useful addition to any TANKS force.

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British Tanks Preview

British Tanks Preview British Tanks Preview

British Tanks Preview

These new British tanks and the final month of this seasons Organised Play Kit will be available in stores from June 2018.

British Heavy TANKS Preview

Trucks, jeeps, and half-tracks had been scampering through the positions of the 17th/21st Lancers throughout the day, fleeing from the Germans coming through Kasserine Pass. Corporal Lorrigan flicked away a cigarette butt, then climbed aboard his Valentine tank. No more transports appeared as he settled into the turret, nudging the gunner, ‘Wakey, wakey lad. Rommel’s on his way.’ The flat crack of heavy cannon rounds passing nearby announced the arrival of the panzers on the next ridge. ‘Gunner, traverse left…steady…on! 1000, Tank…FIRE!’. The two-pounder slammed back, venting cordite into the cramped turret. The tracer arced into the panzer, then bounced, soaring into the evening sky, the range too long for their shot to have any effect against the bigger German tanks.  ‘Advance and engage’, crackled through the radio. Lorrigan started forward, advancing with ...

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Italian Tanks Preview

‘Halt!‘ Caporale Valdreti called down to his driver. Through his sights he saw several British Crusader tanks rolling over the slight rise ahead. Adjusting his aim as the tank abruptly stopped, he fired, noting the almost flash of a direct hit on the front of the tank’s hull. Smoke and crew poured out the open hatch, then moments later the ammunition exploded, lifting the turret off the hull.


A blossom of fire and smoke erupted as the other Crusader fired back, yet the shot went wide. Valdreti changed his aim and fired again, breaking the right track. The Crusader ground to a halt. Almost immediately, a second shot from further along the Italian line streaked into view, penetrated the turret, and finished it off.


With a deafening clang, sparks exploded all around Valdreti. A glancing shot, hard enough to gouge the armour but not enough to penetrate. Sticking his head out the hatch, Valdreti looked around frantically to see where the shot had come from. Off to the right another Crusader burned, and one of the company’s M14/41 tanks was smoking, but nothing. Not a living British tank to be seen. Somehow the rest of them had vanished as quickly as they appeared.


One M14/41 had continued to advance through the fight. ‘Avanti! Stay in line!’ crackled the radio, Capitano Piccolo’s rough voice cutting through the sounds of battle and static alike. In their cramped iron coffins, the crews raced to catch up, forming a straggling line. The Italian advance


This April will see the Italian Army join TANKS, bringing their own flavour as well as a dash of recklessness to the table top. With two new tanks; the M14/41 medium tank and the Semovente self-propelled assault gun players will be able to field a completely Italian force.

With Italians being a new Nation to choose from, they come with a new National rule, Avanti. Like all the National rules in TANKS, this one creates a new play style. For the Italian tanks their rule rewards you for swarming and keeping your tank numbers up. So the Italian tanks are all about banding together to survive.

Right now the Italians only have two releases so we opted to add more cards than normal into the Italians Expansions to give them a wider range of options. On top of this, all but one card in each pack will be Italian only, with the only exception being their new Allied Support card. For Italian players this will give you access to some of the heavier German designs to round out your force, for German players you can add some flair to your army with these cheap but effective Italian designs.

In addition the Italians get a cool new sub-theme card set, the Risky Crew. These cards reward players for being aggressive, they are relatively cheap crew cards but their abilities only work while they are within close range of an opponent’s tank.


These Italian tanks, along with a themed dice set and Organised Play Kit will be available in stores from April 2018.


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! 

It’s been a great year for TANKS, we went from Europe to the desert with loads of cool tanks to add to our platoons. I love my Tiger tanks! Next year is shaping up to be even better. We still have some fighting do to in Africa but we will also be moving to the Eastern front. 

The Italians are coming! Next year look out for the release of the Italians in TANKS! The Italians will be getting two tanks, both cheap in points and easy to form deadly tank swarms! With their release we will also be adding allied cards that allow both German and Italian tanks to mix in the same platoon.  
  The British are not done yet next Year we will see Valentine and Churchill tanks.The Valentines will be interesting medium tanks with a lot of hit points. The Churchill tanks will come in two releases, the Africa release will have the normal Churchill tanks and the Churchill CS that will have the Artillery rules. The Churchill tanks bring heavy armour to the British armies with Defence of 2 and tons of hit points.  Later in the year we will be releasing the Churchill’s that show up later in the war. 

Along with cool new tanks we have some new Organized Play Seasons for you to play, fight next the large desert forts then we go to the eastern front. We have loads of cool things instore  for next year and we can’t wait to share them with all of you.

Thanks for playing TANKS with us! 

US Desert Tanks Part 2

This week we take a closer look at the next two tanks for American in the desert, the Lee and the Priest. Both tanks are quite interesting and will give the American players some exciting new options for their platoons.   


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US Desert Tanks Part 2

This week we take a closer look at the next two tanks for American in the desert, the Lee and the Priest. Both tanks are quite interesting and will give the American players some exciting new options for their platoons.   

The Lee tank is a cheap medium tank option for the Americans. Its Hull Gun rule makes it incredibly flexible giving you to gain an extra attack dice if you fire as an Assault Gun.  You also have the option to up-gun you Lee to get a large spike to your initiative during the shooting step. 
Lee tanks can be deadly in mass with up to seven in one list, leaving you two points to add an upgrade or two. 

With the Priest, the Americans gain access to a tank with Artillery for the first time. Like all tanks with Artillery, the Priest likes to hide at the back of the table and use observers to range in their attacks on targets that think they are safe. With no Defence dice and four Damage capacity, you do not want this tank in the front lines though running eight Priests could be a fun swarm list. 

One of the more interesting upgrades to come out with this wave is Wet Ammo Storage. This upgrade can protect you from the scariest card in the damage deck, the Ammo Explosion card. Being able to exchange the scariest Critical card for another is well worth one point, even if Ammo explosion is rare. 
British Grant Tank Expansion 

The four new American tanks give players some cool new options for their platoons. Americans now have access to cheap tank options along with the first US tanks with the Fast and Artillery rules. These new tanks really open up the possibilities for new and interesting platoons.  

For my American platoon, I plan on adding some Stuarts and Priests along with my Super Pershing to up my tank count and give me more things that can contest objectives as my Super Pershing destroys everything it sees.  It will be interesting to see what cool platoons the community will create as these new tanks enter the meta.