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North America
Lonnie Mullins, Brian Sayman, David Griffin, John Smith, Matthew Maggitti.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Battlefront Miniatures North America
500 Principio Parkway West
Suite 100
North East, Maryland 21901
United States of America

Phone: 844-239-1768 (Toll Free)
Lonnie Mullins: 410-287-1527
Brian Sayman: 410-287-1526
David Griffin: 410-287-1528
John Smith: 410-287-1529
Matthew Maggitti: 410-287-1541

Main Line: 410-287-1525
Fax: 410-287-2012

Monday & Tuesday 9am - 6pm EST
Wednesday & Thursday 9am - 5:30pm EST
Friday 9am - 4:30pm EST


Phone: 64 9 448 5460
Fax: 64 09 379 5930
[email protected]    

Battlefront Miniatures
Ground Floor
11-13 Falcon Street
Auckland 1052
New Zealand

Phone: 64 09 303 9753
Fax: 64 09 379 5930

Europe, UK and the Rest of the World

Matt Sulley & Anders Johansson

[email protected]

[email protected] 

Battlefront Miniatures Europe Ltd.
Unit 4c
Tissington Close
United Kingdom

Phone: 44-(0)1157043245 (Matt: English language).
Phone: 44-(0)1157043244 (Anders: English; Swedish; Norwegian: Danish; German).

Fax: 0044 115 906 3069

Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm GMT
Friday 9am-3pm GMT

Individual contacts:
Matt Sulley,
Battlefront Miniatures Europe Ltd
Customer Service Manager UK
[email protected]
Tel 44-(0)1157043245
Fax 0044 115 906 3069

You can contact Anders Johansson in English; Swedish; Norwegian; Danish or German:

Anders Johansson,
Battlefront Miniatures Europe Ltd
Scandinavia/Germany & Austria Customer Service Manager
[email protected]
Tel 44-(0)1157043244
Fax 0044 115 906 3069

Customer Service

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US and Canada [email protected]

Rest of World [email protected]