Welcome to command training, this boot camp is specially formulated to help hone your command abilities and get youself ready for the fight. During the next few weeks of your training you will get to know your Tanks as well as you know yourself. 

TANKS Boot Camp Missions

In this PDF you will find three training missions for TANKS. Each mission will give players a better understanding of how the game works and will give players a chance to use some cards they may not be familiar with. 

These mission may be played as stand alone missions or as a Boot Camp event at your local store or gaming club. Players will need a starter set and three tanks that cost at most 25 points each to play in these Boot Camp missions. 

Download the Boot Camp missions here...

Awaiting Organized Play

The Boot-Camp missions are a great way to get your group ready for the Organized Play Seasons.  Make sure to ask your local game store if they pre-ordered their Organized Play Kit.

Stay tuned this week as we will be posting more on the Organized Play Seasons and what they entail.