To my fellow Tread-Heads,

I am leaving my position at GF9 and thus leaving my role as one of the lead designers for TANKS. The reason for my departure is due to the Covid outbreak and how it is affecting immigration between the US and New Zealand, where the rest of the Design Team is based. Being stuck in the States during the outbreak has made it impossible for me to do everything I would normally do in my job for GF9 and it was decided that it would be in our best interest to part ways. I do want to say GF9 and I are parting on very good terms.


I will still be an keen TANKS player and will still be an active member of our community on Facebook. I wanted to thank the TANKS community. You are one of the best gaming communities I have had the pleasure of creating content for; this community is so open, creative, and positive. I really enjoyed working on TANKS for the past four years. Even after I move on to whatever is next for me I will still be around to hang out or answer questions. Thanks for being one of the best miniature game communities ever.


~Andrew Haught