Thanks TANKS players!  Thanks for joining in and making the first week of the Online Campaign such a success! Your battle reports and games have added a great many points to your sides' point totals. After community feedback and the sheer amount of TANKS participation we decided to add something more to the Campaign just for TANKS players! 

TANKS Weekly bonuses! 
We will be adding a weekly bonus based on the outcome of the Global Campaign for TANKS players! Due to the Allies securing the beaches they will gain more manpower in their TANKS lists, giving them 10 extra points to spend on Heroes and Crew cards during Week 2 of the Global Campaign. The Axis command, seeing the Allies securing the beach, have sent in better equipped reinforcements, Axis Players gain an additional 10 points for Upgrade cards during week 2 of the Global Campaign. Don’t worry if you missed the first week, as you can join the campaign at any time. Week two we have more in store for TANKS players with a new never-before seen mission! Check it out in the link below!