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British Desert Preview

This week we are showcasing some of the upcoming British Tanks.  The British are getting three new tanks; the Grant, Crusader, and Honey.  These cheap tanks can really add the numbers to your British tank platoons. 

Out of the three new tanks, the Honey has the lowest point cost. At twelve points each, you can fit eight of these light tanks into a 100-point list and still have four points left over for upgrades. This is swarm tactics taken to the extreme.
On top of being cheap, the Honey is Fast and has the Recon rule giving it’s low Defense of 0 a massive boost while on the move and in cover. The Honey’s low Defence and Damage capacity makes them easy to kill in the open, so holding objectives can become a real issue. To help with this we added a cool new upgrade, Smoke Dischargers. For the price of -3 Attack, Smoke Dischargers gives your tank cover anywhere. This may not seem big, but on a Honey that has moved three times and has Recon, discarding this card can give the Honey up to 5 Defence dice even in the open. The Honey will be available in stores June.
British Grant Tank Expansion 

The Grant is a flexible tank and the ability to fire normally at 3 Attack or as an Assault Gun for 4 Attack makes it very versatile. At 14 points you could fit seven of these tanks into a 100-point list. To give the Grant a defensive boost we added the new SAS Guide Crewman to the expansion. The SAS Guide gives a Defence bonus while you are in cover. This bonus is huge for the British as they need to stay Stationary to utilize their Semi-Indirect rule, so to have the ability to sit still in a forest and still gain +2 to Defence is massive for any British tank. The Grant will be available in stores June.
British Grant Tank Expansion 


The last tank we are showcasing today is the Crusader Tank. This Fast tank packs a 4 Attack punch for only 13 points per tank; this means you can fit seven of the fast tanks into one 100-point list.  Though these tanks are quick and hit hard they are a bit of a glass cannon and you want to be careful how you use them. Adding the Altruistic Commander to some of your tanks will help you spread your opponent’s damage around to minimize your losses. The Crusader will be available in stores July.
British Crusader II/III Tank Expansion 

At these low point costs, you can create some interesting swarm lists, or add a lot more tanks to your existing tank lists to shore up your tank count. It will be interesting to see how all the British players out there utilize these new tanks and upgrades in future lists. 

Next week we will be previewing some of the German Tanks and their upgrades.

TANKS Desert Preview

TANKS Desert Preview
TANKS is hitting Africa in a big way with new tank expansions.
Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we show off our new desert-themed tanks and some of the new upgrades that will add even more interesting aspects to the game. 
The British and the Germans get some cool new additions in the new wave of tanks. Some may seem familiar, but each tank is unique in its own way.  Each tank expansion will add new heroes, upgrades and crew to our ever-expanding game.

New Organized Play Season
We have some exciting new OPS planned for the desert. Our first one follows Erwin Rommel, the 'Desert Fox', as he grew in fame during the Africa campaign. Which side will you be on? Will you help Rommel become a legendary hero or will you join the British defenders to defeat the Desert Fox and claim victory in Africa?

Merry Christmas from the TANKS team!

Merry Christmas everyone, thanks for sharing your enjoyment of TANKS over the past year. 2017 is looking even bigger with more tanks on the schedule and new Organised Play campaigns coming.

Have a safe time and hopefully Santa fills your homes with Tigers, Pumas, Shermans and T-34s.


~The TANKS team.

Language Editions For TANKS

The factory team in KL (Malaysia) are working hard to pack all of the language editions of TANKS to be delivered to distributors all across the world. They are currently packing German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish editions of the TANKS starter set and blister packs. They are also packing English starters sets as well. The first wave consists of the core game and ten tank codes and will be followed by the wave two model releases. Each market will also have its own organised play kits that will mirror the English kits already released. Stay tuned for more news from our partners in each market. TANKS at PAX


Assault Guns, Tactics and Tips

This week Andrew goes over some  Tactics and Tips on using Assault Guns in TANKS. Andrew talks about the importance of terrain placement and utilizing buildings and the table edge. Andrew also addresses one of the most frequently asked questions about Assault guns, it's firing arc. 


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Another Look At Doctrine Cards

Doctrine cards are a new category of upgrade cards that focus on national characteristics, rather than equipment or training, and let us elaborate on how different nationalities fought and provide some new play styles within those nationalities.

 This week we will look at two of the new Doctrine cards: “Clever Hans” and “No Retreat”.
Clever Hans 
This card keeps the German tanks going. Being able to shrug off lasting critical hit damage cards easier means you can take more risks. Being able to stack this card with some of the re-roll upgrades means if there is any type of Damage cards you hate to get you can almost guarantee its removal, I’m looking at you “Bailed Out”. 
No Retreat 
This card is interesting, it can give you multiple re-rolls in one round. No Retreat gives you a great defensive boost and a good attack boost, at a cost. This Doctrine cannot be used with the Soviet “Coordinated Fire” rule. No Retreat opens up a new playstyle for the Soviet platoons that will allow soviet players to be more flexible on the field. 

Doctrine cards gives players some new and interesting choices. Some cards may focus on particular tanks while others will have a more universal use. But since each tank can only have one Doctrine card at a time, players will have to make some hard decisions when it comes to choosing which Doctrine cards to use.

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TANKS Multi-language Versions Incoming

 French Language Edition
French Language Edition
With the success of the release of Tanks earlier this year, we are pleased to announce that we have been working hard with our partners to bring you multiple language versions of the game before the end of the year.
We have German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish editions all on the way and you will be seeing them in the local markets towards the end of November.
The first wave consists of the core game and ten tank codes and will be followed by the wave two model releases early in 2017. We envisage that the release plan will be aligned by the start of quarter two of 2017 when the new waves of models will be hitting the shelves.
Each market will have its own organized play program mirroring that of the English speaking markets. Stay tuned for more news from our partners in each market.
German Language Edition
German Language Edition
Polish Language Edition
Polish Language Edition
Spanish Language Edition
Spanish Language Edition
Spanish Language Edition
Italian Language Edition

Normandy Month 3 OPS "Encounter"

This month's mission is a Mega battle! In this game, four or more players per side will team up and fight in one big game! 
A side wins this mission either by destroying all of the enemy tanks or by holding the centre objectives of the battlefield against all comers. In this mission, the Germans are the Defenders.

Encounter Mega Battle

This month's mission is a Mega battle! In this game, four or more players per side will team up and fight in one big game! 
A side wins this mission either by destroying all of the enemy tanks or by holding the centre objectives of the battlefield against all comers. In this mission, the Germans are the Defenders.

Table Set Up

Each player may place three Pieces of terrain: two buildings and one forest. Each player may choose to trade one forest for Bocage. Each side takes turns placing one piece of terrain until all the terrain is placed. After placing the terrain, place three Objective tokens in the centre of the board equally separated. 
Place Minefields 
After Objectives are placed, each player may place one minefield token on the table. Minefields can be placed anywhere except within one Measuring Arrow of an objective or in any deployment zone.


After placing minefields, Players take alternating turns, starting with the defenders, to deploy each player’s army. Each side can decided the order in which their players will deploy when it is their turn to deploy.


Bocage works similarly to a forest. It blocks line of sight through the Bocage and can be entered by tanks, but the Bocage is more difficult to see into than forests. Tanks completely inside Bocage can only be seen by other tanks that are at least partly inside the Bocage.  Tanks with a bit of the hull sticking out of the terrain will be able shot out and be shoot at as long as you do not draw your line of sight through the Bocage. 

Minefield Tokens
Each time a part of your tank, or its movement arrow, crosses a Minefield during its movement there is a chance they’ve hit a mine. Roll three attack dice against that tank and on each result of 4, 5 or 6 the tank takes a point of damage. You do not roll defence dice against this attack.
(Challenge Coins will be shipped in a separate shipment.)
Challenge Coins
During each month players earn points through a variety of means; these help calculate your overall score that can win you the coveted TANKS Challenge Coin. There are five Challenge Coins in the final month’s set for the tournament organiser to award. We’ve got some suggestions on how they can be awarded but letting the Organizer have the final decision on how to give out these coins allows the groups to excel at what aspects of the game they enjoy the most. If your local group is into painting your tanks then a coin may be giving to the best painted tank or platoon used during the League, or if your group is into history a coin may be giving to the player who has recreated the most interesting historical platoon. Of course winning the event overall is probably a feat worthy of picking up one of these Coins.

This Month’s Prizes
This month we see an oversized Panzer IV card, the stable workhorse of the German Tank Companies. Players will also get a set of five acrylic Move 1 tokens in the red colour scheme. 

Beasts of War Plays TANKS

Phil Yates went across the world to talk to the good chaps at Beasts of War and play tanks! Check out the video and make sure you check out the Beast of War website to catch up with all your gaming news.


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