Being on the front line at the start of WWIII, America joined this World War on day one, and will fight until its won. In TANKS: The Modern Age the Americans have diverse selections of units they can take. Their Platoon card gives them the ability to swap out a Critical Hit for two normal hits, letting every model hit harder then you may think. The Americans like to sit back and hit targets that are racing towards them, so setting up a good firing line in a forest or another well defended position will let you get the most out of your American Platoon.


Abrams Tanks
The Abrams is an amazing main battle tank with three awesome variants. If you go with the M1 Abrams you are only paying 22 Points for a tank that has amazing all-round stats. For just two more points you can get an IPM1 Abrams that has an extra +1 to its Damage Capacity, making an already awesome tank that much better. Want a bit more of a punch? For 32 points you get the M1A1 Abrams, the best Tank the Americans have so far, with 5 Attack dice and Damage Capacity 9 this Tank will hit hard and is also really hard to destroy. With three variants you can always choose the best Abrams for your platoon. 


M901 ITV
On the other side of the spectrum we have the ITV. This lightly armoured missile carrier is relying more on its Defence then its Damage Capacity to keep it alive. The Hammerhead rule gives the ITV a massive Defence of 3 when it’s in Cover, making it really hard to kill when it is well positioned. The addition of Spearhead is the icing on the cake when it comes to making the ITV the best tank it can be by giving it the ability to start the game in Cover is massive. 


With the addition of Helicopters, it is handy to have some dedicated Anti-Air. While shooting at Helicopters and Tanks with Defence 0, Rapid Fire turns the VADS two Attack dice into a massive seven dice Attack. That’s going leave a lot of holes in a lot of targets. On top of that, it comes with the Scout rule giving it even more Defence when it is in Cover. The VADS is a great against anything that is not a main battle tank and at 12 points it easily finds a place in any American Platoon


The Cobra
The Cobra is a fearsome attack helicopter with a great stat line. Rapid Fire (5) gives it a great attack against other Helicopters and Defence 0 targets. The Cobra also has two Ammo slots, giving it more choices for weaponry then some of the other Helicopters out there. One of best Ammo cards you can equip is Rocket Launchers. Rocket Launchers gives you a once per game Attack of 3 against a target tank and every tank within a Measuring Arrow of that tank, the perfect weapon to deploy against a swarm of light tanks. 


Sean Bannon
Bannon is an awesome commander, for just seven points you get +3 Initiative, +1 Defence and a cool ability. Bannon’s ability to make a Final Fury attack even if he has already made an attack this turn is a strong one, and can have his tank shooting twice on the turn he is destroyed. Bannon shines the best when he is in command of an Abrams tank, increasing its Initiative to a massive 11! On top of that he also increases the Abrams’ Defence to an impressive 3. 


Alpha 66 Card
The Alpha 66 card gives a bonus to players who are focusing on running the crew of Alpha 66 (from the Team Yankee novel). Coming in at one point this card gives you a discount on every Alpha 66 crew member you add, as well as adding some protection. Having a point reduction on each of your crew cards for the price of having them revealed at the start of the game is not bad. Yeah, your opponent knows what is coming but the discount is well worth it. Also having some protection for Bannon and his crew is great. 

American commanders have a toolbox of options that will allow them to field a diverse range of forces. Welcome to World War III...