West Germans
The Germans are fighting this war in their own back yard. They are fighting for their very way of life. In TANKS: The Modern Age, the German models gain a re-roll to their Defence rolls when they are not near another friendly model. On top of that you get to redeploy one of your tanks after all the tanks have been deployed, this second ability is quite good and works with abilities like Spearhead.


Leopard 2 Tank
The Leopard 2 tank cost is a high one at 32 points, but it is worth every point. There is nothing currently in the game that has stats better than the Leopard 2. Every one of its stats is above average for the game, making it a tank to be feared on the battlefield. The Leopard 2 is the perfect tank to load up with tons of upgrades and crew cards.


Leopard 1 Tank
At 15 Points the Leopard 1 tank is amazing. Its low cost gives you the ability to run up to six of these tanks in your Platoon. With Initiative of 8, Attack of 4, Defence of 1, and Damage Capacity of 6, the Leopard 1 is well worth it for its points. It may not have Advanced Stabilisers but it has the next best thing, meaning that it is still quite effective, even when on the move. 


Marder Tank
Marders are a great light weapon platform. Rapid Fire (5) gives it a good Anti-Air gun built in giving it a roll in most West German Platoons, especially if you know your opponent has Hinds in their collection. You also have the ability to mount a Milan missile to it using the Mounted Milan card. This is a interesting upgrade because it gives you a good Anti-Tank Attack when you need it and if you already have that covered in your platoon, you can choose not to add it and save yourself 2 points.  On top of all that the Marder has Scout, an ability that lets it double the Defence bonus it normally would get from Cover.


PAH Helicopter
The PAH Helicopter has a great stat line, with 7 Initiative, a 5 Missile Attack and 3 Defence. Having a low Damage Capacity of 3 makes you rely heavily on those Defence dice to keep it flying.  With the German Platoon rule, the PAH becomes even more dependable defensive rolls. Add in a crew upgrade like Defensive Pilot, and  you can be re-roll up to two of your Defence dice each time your Helicopter is Attacked. 


Spearhead may not be a West German only card, but it’s one that works well with West German Tanks. For two points this card lets your tanks move after it deploys, gaining a head start on the enemy. This ability also works well with the West German Platoon rule, Home Turf, that lets you redeploy any one West German tank. When you redeploy the tank you get to triger the Spearhead effect again. While your tank will only end up moving the same distance it moved before, it will let you fake a particular deployment plan only to change it before the game begins. 


Dietrich Manheim
Reveal is one of the new abilities crew cards can have in the game. Reveal is an ability that triggers when the card is first revealed during the game. So when you Reveal Dietrich you get to move after you shoot, giving you the ability to shoot from behind cover and move behind blocking terrain to prevent return fire. After Revealing Dietrich still gives you +2 Initiative during the Movement phase.