The British
WWIII has broken out and the British have not been caught unawares. In fact they have been drilling their troops constantly preparing them for the fight to come. This defensive training is reflected in their Platoon card. Berlin Brigade gives the British models in your platoon a +1 Defence while Stationary.  In TANKS: The Modern Age being stationary, to put it simply, is awesome. Yes you do give up your movement but you gain the ability to re-roll any of your attack dice. Giving up movement in a Berlin Brigade Platoon comes with a lot more bonus then drawbacks.  


Chieftain Tanks
The Chieftain and the Chieftain (Stillbrew) are two great tanks to choose from. Both Chieftain variants have great Attack and Damage Capacity stats. The Chieftain coming in at twenty points has a one more Initiative then the Chieftain (Stillbrew) at 24 points, but it also has one less defence. The extra Defence is a big advantage, but there is something to be said about running five Chieftain Tanks in a single list.


Scimitar Tank
Scimitar is a great little tank. Because of its Rapid Fire (4) the Scimitar specialises in killing other light Tanks and Helicopters. On top of that it is fast, letting it move up to three times each time it chooses to move. Spearhead lets the Scimitar move three times before the game begins. Making these tanks perfect to send out to take objectives or outflank your opponent’s tanks.  On top of all that this tank gets the Scout rule, so if it has Cover it gains an additional Defence die and on a tank with Base Defence 0 each point of Defence you can get is big. 


Striker Tank
The Striker tank is a little tank that packs a big punch.  At 13 points it might not seem like much, but its base stats are deceiving. First off this tank is fast, letting it move up to three times each time it chooses to move, so it can get to where it needs to be quickly. This is important for any missile carrier tank; as they want get to Cover as quickly as possible. The Missile (5) rule gives this tank an impressive 5 Attack dice against both Tanks and Helicopters, making the Striker a flexible attacker. Just like the Scimitar this tank also has the Scout rule, so it will be able to add 2 to its 0 Base Defence while it is in Cover.


Lynx Helicopter
The Lynx Helicopter works really well with the British Platoon rule. The Berlin Brigade increases its already high Defence of 3 to 4 while Stationary, add in Cover and you have a massive Defence of 5. With its high Initiative and Defence the Lynx can deliver heavy hitting strikes form across the table and shrug off all but the most devastating attacks. The Lynx relies heavily on its high Defence numbers to keep it alive, so cards like Countermeasures is perfect to insure you survive a particularly deadly attack.


Big Game Hunter
Big Game hunter is an upgrade that comes in at two points. It may only be taken by a British tank and has the text, when shooting at a target model that is not in Cover, this model may upgrade one Hit to a Critical Hit. This card is awesome on British tanks, and it stacks really well with the other benefits British tanks get while Stationary.


Rupert Spencer
Rupert Spencer is a Hero that gives you even more benefits if you remain Stationary. Coming in at 6 points, Rupert gives you +2 Initiative, as well as +1 Attack while Stationary. Adding this to the normal Stationary rules and the Berlin Brigade Platoon card, and you will have a tank that beast while staying still.