The French
French tankers have to rely on their skill and experience to overcome certain disadvantages they face on the battlefield, lacking a heavy tank option like the M1A1 Abrams or Leopard 2. To reflect this mind-set the French Platoon rule gains them an Attack bonus if they flank enemy tanks. Making French Platoons all about manoeuvre and placement, getting the most value out of clear execution of tactics on the battlefield. When deploying, it works best if you split your tanks up into two groups, sending one down each flank to maximise your chances of flanking your opponent’s tanks. 


AMX-30 Tanks
The AMX-30 is an incredibly flexible tank, coming in only at 13 points you get a well-rounded fighting machine. Along with having a base Attack of 4, the AMX-30 also has a 20mm automatic cannon AA gun built into its turret giving a higher than average Anti-Air attack. Being able to pose a threat to both Tanks and Helicopters is something quite powerful and makes this French tank very flexible. Want to run a swarm of these awesome tanks? At 13 points each you can easily fit seven AMX-30 in your Platoon for only 91 points.


AMX AUF1 is the only Artillery tank in the game so far, giving it a special place in the French army. This tank can ignore other tanks when firing its main gun and gains a lot of other Artillery related options that will give it great tactical flexibility in the game.


Gazelle Helicopters
Gazelles are great little Helicopters giving the French the choice of either running the 20mm version with Rapid Fire (5) or Gazelle (HOT) with an Anti-Tank missile that is great at taking out even the most heavily armoured tank. With low Damage Capacity you are relying on the Gazelle’s Defence, so adding cards that make its Defence more reliable is key to making sure it stay in the sky. Defensive Manoeuvres is a powerful card that can save you from a bad Defence roll and give your Helicopter that one extra turn it needs to help deliver you the victory.


Charging Gunner
Reveal is one of the new abilities crew cards can have in the game. Reveal is an ability that triggers when the card is first revealed during the game. One of the cards that use this new triggered keyword is the Charging Gunner. For 3 points the Charging Gunner gives you +1 Initiative during the shooting step, and when you reveal it, if you are hitting a target model on its side you also gain +1 Attack.


Paul Durand
Paul Durand is one of the most interesting French Heroes, giving you the ability to put some of your tanks in reserve, to later place them on the table. This ability is quite good for getting your tanks into flanking positions and making the most of your Platoon Rule. On top of that he gives his tank +2 Initiative and +1 Defence, giving you lots of value for just a single commander.

The French have a proud military tradition and whilst crew warriors may not carry sabres like their predecessors, they have lost none of the elan and courage that made the French army one of the greatest in the world.