German doctrine requires tanks to be used as a concentrated strike force at the decisive point. Massed tanks attacking across goodground are almost impossible to stop. As a tank commander, you must be decisive. Choose your objective, then overwhelm it with everything you have. Do not take unnecessary risks, but by the same token, do not give the enemy time to counter your plans.

The Panzer IV

The Panzer IV is regarded as one of the most successful tanks of World War II, with variants of the tank in service for almost the entire war. Each variant improved the design increasing the armour and improving the gun. By the end of the war it was armed with the excellent 7.5cm KwK40 L/43 gun, capable of destroying all but the heaviest tanks in a straight up fight.

The StuG G
While the armoured troops were supported by tanks, the foot slogging Grenadiers were usually supported by their own armour, the assault guns. Stug assault tanks were designed to provide direct support to the infantry and were not fitted with turrets that tanks required for the quick direction changes of mobile warfare. Usually well armoured they supported the infantry in both attack and defence with mobile firepower that could be brought to bear where it was most needed.
  The Panther 
Designed in response to the arrival of the Soviet T-34 tank, the Panther tank was a much-feared tank throughout the war. Its heavy front armour and its massive 75mm gun the Panther hit hard and was hard to kill. Overall the Panther tank was the Germans best tank of World War II.
The Jagdpanther
With the success of the Panther Tank, a new design was put forth to mount the powerful 8.8cm Pak43 L/71 gun to a Panther chassis. This new tank became known as the Jagdpanther. Even with its limitation of being a hull mounted assault gun, the Jagdpanther became one of the most successful and well-balanced tank killers in the war. 
Germans in TANKS

The design concept behind the Germans and their special rule was to make them more “Tactical”. We played around with several ideas before we landed on the rule we called Blitzkrieg. The Blitzkrieg rule gives that tactical edge to the Germans we wanted, giving a bit of movement between turns makes them unpredictable and leads them to interesting gameplay.  


The other nations have more Aggressive rules that affect combat, so this rule makes the Germans very different, and gives them the upper hand in missions with objectives. Blitzkrieg also gives their assault guns a bit of a boost, allowing them to reposition to make sure they can get their shots off next turn. 

I want my German TANKS list to take full advantage of the Blitzkrieg rule, to this end I added a mix of assault guns and turreted tanks. 

When constructing this list I decided I wanted a single heavy hitter with a small strike force of medium tanks supporting it. I could not quite squeeze in a third panzer IV so a Stug G was added to eat up those last fifteen points. 


I plan to sit back in a corner with my Jagdpanther while my other tanks rush the enemy. The idea is to split the focus of my opponent, either he will go after my heavy hitting Jagdpanther leaving my other tanks free to flank his tanks or he will move in on my approaching tanks leaving my Jagdpanther alone to pick off his tanks one by one. 


The Crew cards on the Jagdpanther allow me to re-roll two shoots each turn. I chose Rettemeier over a Precise Commander because he added the +2 initiative during the shooting step, giving me a whopping Initiative eight, so this tank will most likely shoot first each round. On my Panzer IV I wanted a card that will keep them going, since they are the more mobile element of my force getting a Bailed Out or Stunned Crew damage could stop them in their tracks. I gave them Superb Commanders to make the movement initiative the same as the Jagdpanther, so I can choose the order they move to make sure that I remember to keep firing lanes for my Jagdpanther. 
What do you think about this list? How would you build it better? What would you use to defeat my list? I would love to hear your thoughts. Click the link to the right to discuss this on the forums.
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