The Soviet BMP (or Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty) is a capable reconnaissance vehicle. The BMP-1 mounts a 73mm gun capable of knocking out close range targets whilst the more modern BMP-2 sports a more spacious turret and a 30mm automatic cannon easily capable of eliminating light vehicles and helicopters. Both have the capability to mount powerful anti-tank guided missiles.

This pack contains:
1x Unassembled Plastic BMP Tank
1x BMP-1 Tank card
1x BMP-2  Tank card
1x Hero card
2x Crew cards
2x Upgrade cards


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BMP Tank Expansion
BMP Tank Expansion   BMP Tank Expansion
BMP Tank Expansion  BMP Tank Expansion  
Assembling The BMP Tank
BMP Tank Expansion
 BMP Tank Expansion