Soviet tank design is an evolutionary process, and the T-62 sits between the venerable T-55 series and the modern T-64 and T-72. It combines proven concepts and a powerful 115mm gun to create a nightmare opponent. The T-62 was later modified into the T-62M, which added more armoured protection and improved fire control systems to this already formidable package.

This pack contains:
1x Unassembled Plastic T-62 or T-62M Tank
1x T-62 Tank card
1x T-62M Tank card
1x Hero card
2x Crew cards
2x Upgrade cards


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T-62 Tank Expansion
T-62 Tank Expansion   T-62 Tank Expansion
T-62 Tank Expansion  T-62 Tank Expansion  
Assembling The T-62 Tank
T-62 Tank Expansion
 T-62 Tank Expansion