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TANKS North Africa Gaming Mats

These new mats bring TANKS battles to the North Africa. The three mats can be used by themselves for a thematic game of TANKS in Africa or joined together to create a large playing space for massive battles.

Each high quality printed vinyl mat is  36" by 36" square, perfect for any TANKS battle.

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German Tiger Tank Expansion

Heavily armoured and mounting the massive 8.8cm gun the Tiger was something to be feared as no Allied tank could stand in its way. The appearance of the Tiger forced the Allies to return to the drawing boards and find new solutions to counter this heavy hitter.

This pack contains:
1x unassembled Tiger tank
1x Tiger tank card
2x Hero card
1x Crew card
2x Upgrade cards


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German Tiger Tank Expansion
German Tiger Tank Expansion   German Tiger Tank Expansion
Assembling The Tiger
German Tiger Tank Expansion
German Tiger 1 Tank Expansion 

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British Honey Tank Expansion

Known as the M3 Stuart in the American army, the Honey was first fielded by the British in North Africa. It picked up the unofficial nickname of Honey after a tank driver remarked “She’s a honey”. Like the British Crusader the Honey was liked by crews for its high speed and was used extensively as a reconnaissance vehicle.

This pack contains:
1x unassembled Honey tank
1x Honey tank card
1x Hero card
2x Crew card
2x Upgrade cards


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British Grant Tank Expansion
British Grant Tank Expansion   British Grant Tank Expansion
Assembling The Honey

British Grant Tank Expansion
German Tiger 1 Tank Expansion 

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Soviets in TANKS


Comrade soldiers! Today we fight for the very survival of International Communism and for the soul of the Motherland. The long struggle for the freedom of the workers and peasants continues as our glorious Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army, smashes the fascist hordes, annihilating them where they stand and pursuing them to the viper’s nest from whence they came!

The T-34 and T34/85
The T-34 was the workhorse of the Soviet army. It was an all around tank that served the Soviet army for almost the entire war. Many tankovy companies upgraded their T-34 tanks with the new T-34/85 tank. These new tanks are the result of superior Soviet industry. They have more armour and powerful 85mm guns that no fascist tank can hope to stand against. Soon, Poland and the Ukraine will be littered with the burning wrecks of German tanks, marking the glorious transit of the victorious tank forces!
The IS-85
The superbly heroic and skilled Is-85 heavy tank company uses powerful heavy tanks to smash enemy tanks and destroy their cowardly assault gun. Each tank has two officers, rather than the usual one per platoon in the other tank regiments, with orders to advance, advance, advance!
The IS-85 heavy tank is a significant improvement over all previous heavy tanks. It has the turret of the KV-85 tank combined with a better armoured, but lighter and more mobile chassis.
This tank is quite capable of engaging and destroying any German tank while overrunning assault gun defences.
  The IS-2
The superbly heroic and skilled Guards heavy tank company uses the new and powerful IS-2 tank to smash enemy armour and destroy their cowardly gun positions. Each tank has two officers, rather than the usual one per platoon in the other tank regiments, with orders to advance, advance, advance!
The majority of the new IS-2 heavy tanks were sent south to reinforce Operation Bagration and to liberate eastern Europe from the German plague.
ISU-152 and ISU-122
While the Soviets called their heavy guns self-propelled artillery, the Germans called them assault guns. In reality, the Soviets used them in both the direct fire support and tank-hunter role.
The heavy guns of the ISU-152 could be found supporting assaulting infantry with direct fire. Their ability to
instantly destroy bunkers, buildings, and defensive positions provided excellent infantry support.
The ISU-122 more often supported advancing Soviet tank battalions by providing overwatching fire. They would generally take up a position on the flanks of the tank formations and use their large guns to target enemy anti-tank guns, tank-hunters, and panzers.

SU-85 and SU-100
The SU-85  were built on the excellent T-34 chassis, replacing the turret with a hull mounted 85mm gun. 
The SU-100 self-propelled gun was the successor to the SU-85. It was based on a similar, but not identical, chassis mounting a 100mm D-10S gun. This excellent gun could penetrate 162mm of armour at 500 meters and 150mm at 1000 meters range.
These assault guns were nicknamed ‘Cat-killers’ for their ability to knock out heavy German tanks like the Panther and Tiger.  
Soviets in TANKS
The design concept behind the Soviets was to emulate their pack mentality. Soviet tactics were to swarm their targets and overwhelm them with a massive amount of firepower. We wanted to have players mass their tanks together, but we wanted to stay away from the negative rules most games give to these sort of tactics.
Instead, we wanted to reward players for playing their Soviet tanks historically. What we came up with is a rule that allows Soviet tanks to gain a bonus when they shoot at a target that has already be shoot at, while keeping close to friendly tanks. 

I want my Soviet list to have one powerful lone tank and a swarm of T-34 to create a fire base. 

In my Soviet list, I wanted to have one high initiative tank that will have great positioning on the table, and a swarm of T-34 to provide numbers.
My IS-85 with its two heroes has a massive 10 initiative in the movement step and a 7 initiative in the shooting step. I love these two heroes, Krysov will keep my tank alive while I’m on the move, while Kolobanov gives me the ability to get some early game positioning. 
My T-34s will focus on Coordinated Fire. They will pack up early on and will stay in formation throughout the game. Their speed will allow me to get them where they need to be early on and hopefully score me some good Coordinated targets, their low initiative means that my opponent may be able to get around the T-34s, so I am going to use my IS-85 thin out my opponents higher initiative tanks first.  


What do you think about this list? How would you build it better? What would you use to defeat my list? I would love to hear your thoughts. Click the link to the right to discuss this on the forums.
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British in TANKS

From across the world you sons of England have come to fight for King and Country, your bravery will echo across the ages as did that of your ancestors at Agincourt and Waterloo. The weapons may be different but, by Jove, the determination and bravery of this generation will prove the equal of any other in the history of the Empire. Rule Britannia!
The Sherman V and Firefly
At the core of your Armoured Squadron are the sturdy American Sherman tanks. The versatile 75mm-armed model is supplemented by the Firefly, a British-modified Sherman armed with the powerful 17 pdr gun to counter the Germans’ new heavy Tiger and the Panther tanks. The Sherman Firefly tanks have excellent anti-tank performance with 17 pdr rounds, which slice through Panthers with ease. This combination of firepower and reliability is more than enough to deal with anything the enemy have.
  The Cromwell
The Cromwell was a late development of the British Cruiser tank series. It has a low silhouette, all-purpose gun, reasonable armour, and the powerful Meteor engine – based on the Rolls Royce Merlin aircraft engine. On road, the Cromwell is faster even than the Comet. The Cromwells are also reliable and their crews love them.
The Comets
The Comet was the pinnacle of several years of cruiser development and was ready for combat in December 1944. The first batch was sent to Belgium to be distributed to the 11th Armoured Division, however, the tankers were rushed to the front to deal with the German Ardennes offensive in Belgium. Once that was accomplished the crews finally got to jump into their new tanks. 
This design fixed some of the problems reported by Cromwell crews, such as fixing track links, additional armour protection around the turret, and a heavier gun, while retaining the Cromwell’s speed, low-profile, and high-explosive ammunition. The gun used the same calibre projectile as the traditional 17 pdr gun, but a smaller casing was used to make it usable inside the Comet’s turret.

British in TANKS

With the British, we wanted to have an army that had to make the choice between moving and staying still. Combining a good selection of fast tanks the Semi-Indirect Fire that all British tanks currently have makes them a very versatile force.

I Wanted to focus on Upgrade and Crew cards in my British army, maximising my firepower, though the list is risky putting so many points into so few tanks. 

This is a risky "Glass Cannon" list as I am putting a lot of points into three hull five tanks. It has some interesting tricks that I hope will give me the edge in the game.

The lead tank in this list is my Cromwell, using its radio operator it elevates one of my other tanks to initiative nine during the shooting. The tank itself is deadly with a Precise Loader and Wilfred Harris I am hoping to deliver a choice critical each time it shoots.  A well timed bailed out or a lucky hit may be the difference between winning and losing.

My Firefly tanks will start the game cautiously, hiding in the woods and spending the first few turns firing using their Ammo cards. Once the Ammo cards are gone or the enemy tanks move in closer I will then reveal my Bloodthirsty Gnner and Supercharger cards in hopes to ambush them. 

The list could die quickly due to lucky shooting but I am hoping that I have enough tricks to gain the tactical advantage I need to win the game. 


What do you think about this list? How would you build it better? What would you use to defeat my list? I would love to hear your thoughts. Click the link to the right to discuss this on the forums.
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Germans in TANKS

German doctrine requires tanks to be used as a concentrated strike force at the decisive point. Massed tanks attacking across goodground are almost impossible to stop. As a tank commander, you must be decisive. Choose your objective, then overwhelm it with everything you have. Do not take unnecessary risks, but by the same token, do not give the enemy time to counter your plans.

The Panzer IV

The Panzer IV is regarded as one of the most successful tanks of World War II, with variants of the tank in service for almost the entire war. Each variant improved the design increasing the armour and improving the gun. By the end of the war it was armed with the excellent 7.5cm KwK40 L/43 gun, capable of destroying all but the heaviest tanks in a straight up fight.

The StuG G
While the armoured troops were supported by tanks, the foot slogging Grenadiers were usually supported by their own armour, the assault guns. Stug assault tanks were designed to provide direct support to the infantry and were not fitted with turrets that tanks required for the quick direction changes of mobile warfare. Usually well armoured they supported the infantry in both attack and defence with mobile firepower that could be brought to bear where it was most needed.
  The Panther 
Designed in response to the arrival of the Soviet T-34 tank, the Panther tank was a much-feared tank throughout the war. Its heavy front armour and its massive 75mm gun the Panther hit hard and was hard to kill. Overall the Panther tank was the Germans best tank of World War II.
The Jagdpanther
With the success of the Panther Tank, a new design was put forth to mount the powerful 8.8cm Pak43 L/71 gun to a Panther chassis. This new tank became known as the Jagdpanther. Even with its limitation of being a hull mounted assault gun, the Jagdpanther became one of the most successful and well-balanced tank killers in the war. 
Germans in TANKS

The design concept behind the Germans and their special rule was to make them more “Tactical”. We played around with several ideas before we landed on the rule we called Blitzkrieg. The Blitzkrieg rule gives that tactical edge to the Germans we wanted, giving a bit of movement between turns makes them unpredictable and leads them to interesting gameplay.  


The other nations have more Aggressive rules that affect combat, so this rule makes the Germans very different, and gives them the upper hand in missions with objectives. Blitzkrieg also gives their assault guns a bit of a boost, allowing them to reposition to make sure they can get their shots off next turn. 

I want my German TANKS list to take full advantage of the Blitzkrieg rule, to this end I added a mix of assault guns and turreted tanks. 

When constructing this list I decided I wanted a single heavy hitter with a small strike force of medium tanks supporting it. I could not quite squeeze in a third panzer IV so a Stug G was added to eat up those last fifteen points. 


I plan to sit back in a corner with my Jagdpanther while my other tanks rush the enemy. The idea is to split the focus of my opponent, either he will go after my heavy hitting Jagdpanther leaving my other tanks free to flank his tanks or he will move in on my approaching tanks leaving my Jagdpanther alone to pick off his tanks one by one. 


The Crew cards on the Jagdpanther allow me to re-roll two shoots each turn. I chose Rettemeier over a Precise Commander because he added the +2 initiative during the shooting step, giving me a whopping Initiative eight, so this tank will most likely shoot first each round. On my Panzer IV I wanted a card that will keep them going, since they are the more mobile element of my force getting a Bailed Out or Stunned Crew damage could stop them in their tracks. I gave them Superb Commanders to make the movement initiative the same as the Jagdpanther, so I can choose the order they move to make sure that I remember to keep firing lanes for my Jagdpanther. 
What do you think about this list? How would you build it better? What would you use to defeat my list? I would love to hear your thoughts. Click the link to the right to discuss this on the forums.
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Americans In TANKS

American Sherman Tank Expansion
American Tank companies represent the mobile component of the US Army. Their task is turning a minor breakthrough into a total defeat for the enemy. Striking with the full power of their guns and armour, the tanks smash through the enemy lines before wreaking havoc within the enemy’s vulnerable rear areas, destroying artillery, support units and command centres.
American Sherman Tank Expansion
Sherman Tanks

By the Spring of 1945, the American army was at its peak in terms of experience and equipment. The trusty Sherman tank had seen the army through from the very beginning, adopting many variants along the way. Powerful engines, advanced track suspensions, and heavier armament was standard in the late models of the old US battle tank.


Sometimes this was not enough to counter the German weapons of the period, such as the simple-to-use hand-held Panzerfaust anti-tank launcher. To deal with these threats, US tankers made their own improvements to their Shermans, such as adding extra armour plating, sand-bag improvised armour, additional machine-guns, and taking aboard dedicated riflemen as tank escorts to keep the enemy at bay.

Pershing Heavy Tanks 

A special mission has rushed 20 of the modern M26 ‘Pershing’ heavy tanks to the front. The 9th Armored Division has created a whole platoon of M26 Pershings while 3rd Armored Division has given them out one per company.


Meanwhile, somewhere in a workshop the good old boys from 3rd Armored Division maintenance are showing American ingenuity by cutting out armour plates from German Panther tanks and welding them to a Pershing armed with a long 90mm gun. Thus they have created the unique T26E4 ‘Super Pershing’. Let’s now see how the Germans like it when the boot’s on the other foot!

 American Sherman Tank Expansion
American Sherman Tank Expansion Americans in TANKS
The Americans are designed to be very aggressive. Their core rule Gung-Ho incorporates this play style. Not being hampered by their first move each turn allows the American tanks to be a mobile strike force that will constantly be on the move. American heroes are also built with aggression in mind, helping to keep their tanks moving forward towards the enemy.
The Americans have a great mix of tanks and heroes in the first wave of TANKS. The Sherman is a great all-around tank for its points. Pershing tanks are heavy-hitting and hard to kill, and they are also great at taking and holding objectives. 

I want my American TANKS list to show the flexibility of the American Sherman tank. I wanted a list that was both heavy hitting and has a good number of tanks. 
American Sherman Tank Expansion 
American Sherman Tank ExpansionAmerican Sherman Tank Expansion

In my assault list I am focusing on getting in close and hitting hard. My Sherman (75mm) tanks are my forward spearhead. I plan to simply point them towards the enemy and move straight in. My Sherman (76mm) tanks will move up the flanks to help surround my opponent's tanks and hopefully get some side shots. My Shermans (76mm) tanks have been upgraded with Cunning Commander, Cunning Driver and Bloodthirsty Gunner. The two Cunning upgrades give my Sherman (76mm) tanks a huge boost in the movement step, making them initiative 8. The Bloodthirsty Gunner gives my Shermans (76mm) Attack 6 when at close range; combined with its initiative, this makes for a close-range fighter with good tactical potential. 
What do you think about this list? How would you build it better? What would you use to defeat my list? I would love to hear your thoughts. Click the link to the right to discuss this on the forums.
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or click an image below to check out the American TANKS spotlights. 


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