Beast of War Unboxing

Beast of War have created another great video featuring TANKS! John and Justin do an awesome un-boxing video of the TANKS starter set. They show off what is in the box along with some interesting history on these two tanks. 

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British in TANKS

From across the world you sons of England have come to fight for King and Country, your bravery will echo across the ages as did that of your ancestors at Agincourt and Waterloo. The weapons may be different but, by Jove, the determination and bravery of this generation will prove the equal of any other in the history of the Empire. This week Andrew talk's British in TANKS and shares with us one of his British lists! Rule Britannia!

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TANKS Organised Play Seasons

In this article, Andrew talks about the TANKS Organised Play Seasons, or 'OPS'. He goes in depth on what is inside the OPS kits and shows us the contents of the first OPS kit and what we can expect in the following months.  

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TANKS Boot Camp Missions

Calling all citizens to defend your homeland form the enemy that is at our door! Do you have what it takes to command? Have you ever yearned for the glory of commanding your own tank platoon? Then Enlist today and see if you have what it takes to become a Tank commander and lead our fine boys to victory!

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Germans in Tanks

German doctrine requires tanks to be used as a concentrated strike force at the decisive point. Massed tanks attacking across good

ground are almost impossible to stop. As a tank commander, you must be decisive. Choose your objective, then overwhelm it with everything you have. Do not take unnecessary risks, but by the same token, do not give the enemy time to counter your plans. This week Andrew talks about how the Germans work in tanks and shares with us one of his TANKS army lists.

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Americans In Tanks

American Tank companies represent the mobile component of the US Army. Their task is turning a minor breakthrough into a total defeat for the enemy. This week Andrew talks about how the Americans work in tanks and shares with us one of his TANKS army lists.

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TANKS in stores now!

TANKS is in stores now throughout America and Europe. The first print run has been completely shipped out to stores and whilst more is on the way you don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines whilst your friends take up the challenge to drive Hitler’s Panzers all the way back to Germany.


Grab your copy and join the fight!

How To Play Tanks - Platoons

In this How-To video, Sean covers the process of building a TANKS platoon and the difference between the various kinds of cards. 

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How To Play Tanks - Phases

Learn how to play TANKS. In this rules video, Sean covers the three phases that make up a turn as well as how tanks move and shoot.

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TANKS Preview

After many long months of dreaming and waiting we were very excited to receive a special delivery from our factory today. Inside we found a selection of TANKS Starter Sets and Tank Expansions. 

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