Assault Guns, Tactics and Tips

This week Andrew goes over some  Tactics and Tips on using Assault Guns in TANKS. Andrew talks about the importance of terrain placement and utilizing buildings and the table edge. Andrew also addresses one of the most frequently asked questions about Assault guns, it's firing arc. 


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Soviet M10 (Lend Lease)

We just added a spotlight for one of our new TANKS expansion coming out in November. The Lend-Lease program saw thousands of tanks supplied to the Soviet Union during the war. Amongst these were a small number of M10 tank destroyers that somehow found their way to the Eastern Front. Whilst not as heavily armed or armored as some Soviet designs, the turret meant it was one of the few self-propelled guns that could not easily be outflanked.

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TANKS Multi-language Versions Incoming

With the success of the release of Tanks earlier this year, we are pleased to announce that we have been working hard with our partners to bring you multiple language versions of the game before the end of the year.
We have German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish editions all on the way and you will be seeing them in the local markets towards the end of November.

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Normandy Month 3 OPS "Encounter"

This month's mission is a Mega battle! In this game, four or more players per side will team up and fight in one big game! 
A side wins this mission either by destroying all of the enemy tanks or by holding the centre objectives of the battlefield against all comers. In this mission, the Germans are the Defenders.

Beasts of War Plays TANKS

Phil Yates went across the world to talk to the good chaps at Beasts of War and play tanks! Check out the video and make sure you check out the Beast of War website to catch up with all your gaming news.


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More Reinforcements Are On The Way!

The men and women back home are working their hardest to keep the good fighting boys in tiptop shape with more Ammo and Tanks for the war effort. Keep them coming. Remember one more tank may mean the difference between defeat or victory!

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Doctrine Cards

Doctrine cards are a new category of upgrade cards that focus on national characteristics, rather than equipment or training, and let us elaborate on how different nationalities fought and provide some new play styles within those nationalities.


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Counter Attack Print and Play PDF

This week we are pleased to announce that we are releasing the second Organised Play Kit as a downloadable print and play PDF. In this mission Tanks fight trough the Bocage of Normandy marching ever closer to Berlin. Do you have the ability to secure victory? 


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Cautious, Not Stupid

Tank Destroyers have one simple role on the battlefield, to seek out the enemy armour, mercilessly destroy them and then disappear, leaving only the burning hulks of their enemies as evidence they were ever there. In TANKS terms this translated into a new rule called Cautious.

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Achilles Tank Expansion

We just added a spotlight for one of our new TANKS expansion coming out in October. The Achilles was a British variant of the American M10 tank destroyer armed with the powerful British Ordnance QF 17 pounder anti-tank gun in place of the standard 3” gun. This upgrade allowed the Achilles to face off against all but the heaviest German Panzers.

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