Doctrine cards are a new category of upgrade cards that focus on national characteristics, rather than equipment or training, and let us elaborate on how different nationalities fought and provide some new play styles within those nationalities.

 This week we will look at two of the new Doctrine cards: “One Foot on The Ground” and “Seek, Strike, Destroy”.
One Foot on The Ground changes how British players will play their lists, as it directly affects their Semi-Indirect rule. Until now British players have had to decide whether to gain their shooting bonus while forfeiting some of their defense. This made them deadly, but also more static. This upgrade gives you the ability to keep your defense while remaining stationary. This upgrade option gives players more options for fine-tuning their lists. They can give this upgrade to every tank or just a select few that will provide covering fire for their faster compatriots.
The Seek, Strike, Destroy card, on the other hand, focuses on one type of tank: US tank destroyers. We wanted to portray how US tank destroyer doctrine shaped the way they were used in the field. This upgrade card lets US players take more elite tank destroyers if they want to spend the points, providing more choice and more variety in list-building options.
Doctrine cards gives players some new and interesting choices. Some cards may focus on particular tanks while others will have a more universal use. But since each tank can only have one Doctrine card at a time, players will have to make some hard decisions when it comes to choosing which Doctrine cards to use.

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