The Bear Awakens

In this Organized Play Season we will be taking players to the Eastern front, to participate in Operation Bagration. Operation Bagration was fought over two months from 22 June to 19 August 1944. The operation resulted in the near destruction of the German Army Group Centre, leaving a gap in the German line and opening the path to Poland and eventually, Germany. 


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Tiger I

The German heavy Tigers were the tank the Allies most feared when they landed in Europe. With exceptional armor and mounting the impressive 8.8cm gun, they were almost unstoppable, having taken a toll on Allied armor on the Eastern Front and North Africa where T-34 and Sherman tanks were incapable of stopping them.


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PAX, the Penny Arcade Expo, is a celebration of gaming. Started in 2004, it has now expanded to five locations, each of which has tens of thousands of attendees every year. PAX Australia, which started in 2013, is the first PAX outside of the United States.

People think of PAX as a show for computer gamers, but it has just as much to offer board and miniature gamers, too. While not quite as loud and flashy as the computer gaming hall, the tabletop area is nevertheless a huge and vibrant festival of gaming excitement.

This year Australian PAX-goers got a chance to try out TANKS, thanks to volunteers from the Bendigo & District Gamers’ Association (BADGA).

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Puma Armored Recon

The Puma matched a fast and nimble armored car design with a reliable 50mm cannon that was capable of knocking out enemy Sherman and T-34 tanks. Of course this sometimes tempted the crews to pick fights that they otherwise should have avoided. As the war progressed the Pak Wagen version mounted a 75mm gun in place of the turret.


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Mechanics Kit

Before a tank is ready to go to war it must be assembled by a team of skilled mechanics, using only the best tools. Having a mechanic on your crew is even more useful! They know their tanks inside and out and can get them back up and running after almost any hit.

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Another Look At Doctrine Cards

Doctrine cards are a new category of upgrade cards that focus on national characteristics, rather than equipment or training, and let us elaborate on how different nationalities fought and provide some new play styles within those nationalities. This week we are checking out some of the German and Soviet Doctrine cards.

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Assault Guns, Tactics and Tips

This week Andrew goes over some  Tactics and Tips on using Assault Guns in TANKS. Andrew talks about the importance of terrain placement and utilizing buildings and the table edge. Andrew also addresses one of the most frequently asked questions about Assault guns, it's firing arc. 


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Soviet M10 (Lend Lease)

We just added a spotlight for one of our new TANKS expansion coming out in November. The Lend-Lease program saw thousands of tanks supplied to the Soviet Union during the war. Amongst these were a small number of M10 tank destroyers that somehow found their way to the Eastern Front. Whilst not as heavily armed or armored as some Soviet designs, the turret meant it was one of the few self-propelled guns that could not easily be outflanked.

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TANKS Multi-language Versions Incoming

With the success of the release of Tanks earlier this year, we are pleased to announce that we have been working hard with our partners to bring you multiple language versions of the game before the end of the year.
We have German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish editions all on the way and you will be seeing them in the local markets towards the end of November.

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Normandy Month 3 OPS "Encounter"

This month's mission is a Mega battle! In this game, four or more players per side will team up and fight in one big game! 
A side wins this mission either by destroying all of the enemy tanks or by holding the centre objectives of the battlefield against all comers. In this mission, the Germans are the Defenders.