This month's mission is a Mega battle! In this game, four or more players per side will team up and fight in one big game! 
A side wins this mission either by destroying all of the enemy tanks or by holding the centre objectives of the battlefield against all comers. In this mission, the Germans are the Defenders.

Table Set Up

Each player may place three Pieces of terrain: two buildings and one forest. Each player may choose to trade one forest for Bocage. Each side takes turns placing one piece of terrain until all the terrain is placed. After placing the terrain, place three Objective tokens in the centre of the board equally separated. 
Place Minefields 
After Objectives are placed, each player may place one minefield token on the table. Minefields can be placed anywhere except within one Measuring Arrow of an objective or in any deployment zone.


After placing minefields, Players take alternating turns, starting with the defenders, to deploy each player’s army. Each side can decided the order in which their players will deploy when it is their turn to deploy.


Bocage works similarly to a forest. It blocks line of sight through the Bocage and can be entered by tanks, but the Bocage is more difficult to see into than forests. Tanks completely inside Bocage can only be seen by other tanks that are at least partly inside the Bocage.  Tanks with a bit of the hull sticking out of the terrain will be able shot out and be shoot at as long as you do not draw your line of sight through the Bocage. 

Minefield Tokens
Each time a part of your tank, or its movement arrow, crosses a Minefield during its movement there is a chance they’ve hit a mine. Roll three attack dice against that tank and on each result of 4, 5 or 6 the tank takes a point of damage. You do not roll defence dice against this attack.
(Challenge Coins will be shipped in a separate shipment.)
Challenge Coins
During each month players earn points through a variety of means; these help calculate your overall score that can win you the coveted TANKS Challenge Coin. There are five Challenge Coins in the final month’s set for the tournament organiser to award. We’ve got some suggestions on how they can be awarded but letting the Organizer have the final decision on how to give out these coins allows the groups to excel at what aspects of the game they enjoy the most. If your local group is into painting your tanks then a coin may be giving to the best painted tank or platoon used during the League, or if your group is into history a coin may be giving to the player who has recreated the most interesting historical platoon. Of course winning the event overall is probably a feat worthy of picking up one of these Coins.

This Month’s Prizes
This month we see an oversized Panzer IV card, the stable workhorse of the German Tank Companies. Players will also get a set of five acrylic Move 1 tokens in the red colour scheme.