This week we take a closer look at the next two tanks for American in the desert, the Lee and the Priest. Both tanks are quite interesting and will give the American players some exciting new options for their platoons.   

The Lee tank is a cheap medium tank option for the Americans. Its Hull Gun rule makes it incredibly flexible giving you to gain an extra attack dice if you fire as an Assault Gun.  You also have the option to up-gun you Lee to get a large spike to your initiative during the shooting step. 
Lee tanks can be deadly in mass with up to seven in one list, leaving you two points to add an upgrade or two. 

With the Priest, the Americans gain access to a tank with Artillery for the first time. Like all tanks with Artillery, the Priest likes to hide at the back of the table and use observers to range in their attacks on targets that think they are safe. With no Defence dice and four Damage capacity, you do not want this tank in the front lines though running eight Priests could be a fun swarm list. 

One of the more interesting upgrades to come out with this wave is Wet Ammo Storage. This upgrade can protect you from the scariest card in the damage deck, the Ammo Explosion card. Being able to exchange the scariest Critical card for another is well worth one point, even if Ammo explosion is rare. 
British Grant Tank Expansion 

The four new American tanks give players some cool new options for their platoons. Americans now have access to cheap tank options along with the first US tanks with the Fast and Artillery rules. These new tanks really open up the possibilities for new and interesting platoons.  

For my American platoon, I plan on adding some Stuarts and Priests along with my Super Pershing to up my tank count and give me more things that can contest objectives as my Super Pershing destroys everything it sees.  It will be interesting to see what cool platoons the community will create as these new tanks enter the meta.