Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention was a good show all in all. 2 days, 45,000 visitors. A chance to expose the game and hobby to new people in the local market. We were hoping to do 75 demos over both days. We managed to do 300 over demos in that time period. 
We had a 27 Square metre booth to ourselves that really made a splash in the market. We had the largest booth in the tabletop gaming area which was great since it was about brand awareness and we wanted to be on the map.
Build a Tank Workshop

We had a workshop to allow non-gamers and people to come and build a free tank. Just to experience it. They had to sit through a demo and that was it, one free tank with guidance and glue to put them together.

We conducted "Build a Tank" workshops for free, all you had to do is like our FB page or complete a demo to receive a free BF tank.Builders could choose to make a M4A3 Sherman or a Tiger tank. It was all cut for them ahead of time and they just had to follow the instructions of our helpers to get a great looking tank.
This Captain America might have been too small to win the war for us, but he was doing what he can to help the war effort. Optimus Prime over there didn’t maintain his neutrality in world conflicts.

TANKS Tournament 

With so many demos running, we decided to have a tournament to show how easy it was for people to learn how to play TANKS. On Sunday we started having demos at 10 AM. By 1130, we had convinced 8 people to sign up for a tournament. All of them had learned the game less than 2 hours ago and they were about to join a tournament for some amazing prizes. (a starter set and 4 tanks from the latest wave of TANKS.

The 8 contenders for the tournament. All Newbies and not experienced at TANKS. The format was kept simple at elimination with 3 rounds to get us our winner. 
After two quick rounds, we had our finals in the store booth itself which was live telecast via Facebook live and screened on an LCD TV for the passing crowds to watch.  
The final round with a twist to the game was a mirror match, both players used a Panther and Ernst Barkman crew card. In the First round, the Champion, Desmond Yeo fired with Barkman did no damage, and was allowed to fire again via his Ernst Barkman ability. The second hit was true and did 2 criticals resulting in an “injured crew” and “Bailed out” giving Desmond a free turn to kill the “fake” Barkman. The game lasted another 5 turns with some pretty quick twists of fate but the eventual outcome was as expected with Desmond winning with Barkman still alive.

The ability of ours to get people to learn and play the game so fast in a competitive setting speaks volumes about TANKS reach and appeal to people outside the gaming world.pan

It was a great show and we will be back again next year.