British Grant Tank Expansion
British Grant Tank Expansion
Last week we challenged you to creating a cool list using the new Panzer III and Tiger cards we previewed. There were several interesting lists but we ended up choosing Uthak list with Wittman. The list used a mix of old and new cards and created a super Tiger I tank. The addition of Wittman adds a lot more kick to an already strong list. The list itself is small with only three tanks, but the way he plans on using the tanks means that he will be a force to be reckoned with. The Tiger is all about getting  to move last, so that it has perfect placement. When I first saw the loadouts on the Panzer IIIs I instantly saw what he was doing, and I like it.

Here is the list Uthak submitted, 

Kampfgruppe Uthak 
Tiger 1 (33) "The Brawler"
Michael Wittmann (11)
Bloodthirsty Gunner (3)
Racing Driver (2)
Kampfgruppe Lueder (2)
Tungsten Ammo (2)
Schuerzen (1)

Panzer III (Short) (11) "Command Vehicle"
Tiger Escort Tank (2)
Hans Georg Lueder (6)
Hasty Loader (2)
Radio Coordinator (3)

Panzer III (Short) (11) "The Shield"
Tiger Escort Tank (2)
Add-On Armor (5)
Defensive Driver (3)
Liquid Courage (1) 
Uthak plan is simple and elegant. He has two Panzer III (Short) tanks, one that he calls the Shield and one he calls the Command. The Shield’s job is to be the lead tank, and its built to take some heavy hits and keep on trekking. The Command Panzer III (Short) is built to give the Tiger high Initiative  in the shooting step. The Command tank can transfer its Initiative during the shooting step to the Tiger I tank, giving the Tiger I its Initiative of 9. The Tiger I tank is built for speed, with a total of Initiative 11 during the movement step there is little that will move after it leaving it to move to the best possible location each turn while using the Shield Panzer III (Short) for cover.

Uthak wants this list to get in close to utilize the Close Range and Side Amour rules to reduce the Tiger I target’s defence by 2. so that the Tiger I can do as much damage as possible. To this end Uthak also plans to forfit the Panzer III (Short) tanks own shooting to give the Tiger I a massive four re-rolls for its attack roll, and if that’s not enough Lueder will also be able to re-roll a fifth die.    

The list creates a super Tiger that has Initiative 11 during the movement step and Initiative 9 during the shooting step. It also has a massive attack value of 6 attack dice, or 7, attack dice at close range, add in up to five re-rolls and this Tank is going to be giving out massive amounts of damage each turn. The Tugsten ammo is just icing on an already massive cake, as it can give the Tiger even more attack dice. 
Thanks Uthak and everyone for submitting your lists! I would leave you this week with a new challenge, what would you run to defeat a super tank list like this one? 

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