This week we are showcasing some of the upcoming British Tanks.  The British are getting three new tanks; the Grant, Crusader, and Honey.  These cheap tanks can really add the numbers to your British tank platoons. 

Out of the three new tanks, the Honey has the lowest point cost. At twelve points each, you can fit eight of these light tanks into a 100-point list and still have four points left over for upgrades. This is swarm tactics taken to the extreme.
On top of being cheap, the Honey is Fast and has the Recon rule giving it’s low Defense of 0 a massive boost while on the move and in cover. The Honey’s low Defence and Damage capacity makes them easy to kill in the open, so holding objectives can become a real issue. To help with this we added a cool new upgrade, Smoke Dischargers. For the price of -3 Attack, Smoke Dischargers gives your tank cover anywhere. This may not seem big, but on a Honey that has moved three times and has Recon, discarding this card can give the Honey up to 5 Defence dice even in the open. The Honey will be available in stores June.
British Grant Tank Expansion 

The Grant is a flexible tank and the ability to fire normally at 3 Attack or as an Assault Gun for 4 Attack makes it very versatile. At 14 points you could fit seven of these tanks into a 100-point list. To give the Grant a defensive boost we added the new SAS Guide Crewman to the expansion. The SAS Guide gives a Defence bonus while you are in cover. This bonus is huge for the British as they need to stay Stationary to utilize their Semi-Indirect rule, so to have the ability to sit still in a forest and still gain +2 to Defence is massive for any British tank. The Grant will be available in stores June.
British Grant Tank Expansion 


The last tank we are showcasing today is the Crusader Tank. This Fast tank packs a 4 Attack punch for only 13 points per tank; this means you can fit seven of the fast tanks into one 100-point list.  Though these tanks are quick and hit hard they are a bit of a glass cannon and you want to be careful how you use them. Adding the Altruistic Commander to some of your tanks will help you spread your opponent’s damage around to minimize your losses. The Crusader will be available in stores July.
British Crusader II/III Tank Expansion 

At these low point costs, you can create some interesting swarm lists, or add a lot more tanks to your existing tank lists to shore up your tank count. It will be interesting to see how all the British players out there utilize these new tanks and upgrades in future lists. 

Next week we will be previewing some of the German Tanks and their upgrades.