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Merry TANKS-mas

'Tis the season of giving and we have a special gift for all our TANKS fans! We created a holiday mission that will be fun for the whole family over the holiday season. So gather all your tanks, gather all your loved ones, and give the greatest gift of all: burning tank wrecks! From everyone at Gale Force Nine and Battlefront, have the merriest of TANK-Masses! May your shells always be accurate and your games always be epic.


Click here to download the TANK-Mas Holiday Mission (Right Click, Save As)...

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D-Day Global Campaign Missions Pack

Everyone here at Gale Force Nine is ecstatic by all the participation we got from our TANKS players! It was good to see you all engaged and to see all the awesome battle reports you all turned in. It was a great six weeks and as a thank you we put together all the missions and printable terrain used in the event into a single PDF that you can download and play any time you want.


Click here to download the PDFs (Right click, Save As)...

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D-Day Global Campaign - Grand Prize Winners

One of the biggest draws of our D-Day: Global Campaign, beyond playing themed Normandy battles at your local store or club, has been the promise of some truly grand prizes for those who entered battle reports. This week we are happy to announce our winners of the Grand Prize draw.


Click here to go to the Flames Of War Website and see the Grand Prize Winners...

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The D-Day Global Campaign Has Ended!

After six weeks of determined fighting the Allies have pulled off a herculean effort to push themselves over the finish line a full six points ahead of the Axis. After the dust settles and we've had a chance to crunch the numbers we'll be drawing our Grand Prize Winners next week! Every battle report logged during the Campaign will be counted as an entry into our Grand Prize Competition whether part of a club, store, or solo.

Stay tuned for the big announcement!


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D-Day Global Campaign: TANKS Mission Week Six

It's the final week of the D-Day: Global Campaign and things are close. Each Sector in the final week is worth 2 points to whichever side controls it at the end of Week 6- and with the two sides only 1 point apart, every point counts to determine the final winner!

Be in to Win
Be sure to post your battle reports over Week 6: On top of our Battle Report of the Week competition, we will also be giving away a Dice and Token set to the author of one battle report each day during Week 6. 


Click here to see the TANKS Mission for Week 6: Battle for the Seine River...

Click here to go to the D-Day Global Campaign Website...

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D-Day Global Campaign: TANKS Mission Week Five

The Axis have closed the points gap between themselves and the Allies, leaving them within reach of victory! 8-7 to the Allies, and as Week 5 starts its roll it is very much all up in the air! Be sure to log your battles this week to turn the tide of the Campaign. Will the Axis hold on or drive the Allies back? Or will the Allies break the German defence once and for all?


Click here to see the TAKS Mission for Week 5: Seize The Bridge...

Click here to go to the D-Day Global Campaign Website...

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D-Day Global Campaign: TANKS Mission Week Two

Thanks TANKS players!  Thanks for joining in and making the first week of the Online Campaign such a success! Your battle reports and games have added a great many points to your sides' point totals. After community feedback and the sheer amount of TANKS participation we decided to add something more to the Campaign just for TANKS players! 

TANKS Weekly bonuses! 
We will be adding a weekly bonus based on the outcome of the Global Campaign for TANKS players! Due to the Allies securing the beaches they will gain more manpower in their TANKS lists, giving them 10 extra points to spend on Heroes and Crew cards during Week 2 of the Global Campaign. The Axis command, seeing the Allies securing the beach, have sent in better equipped reinforcements, Axis Players gain an additional 10 points for Upgrade cards during week 2 of the Global Campaign. Don’t worry if you missed the first week, as you can join the campaign at any time. Week two we have more in store for TANKS players with a new never-before seen mission! Check it out in the link below!

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D-Day Global Campaign - Battle Report Of The Week - Week One

Congratulations to Alyksandyr who wrote the battle report for winning our weekly TANKS battle report draw! we will be reaching out to to get your prize to you ASAP. Also make sure to check out the full battle report on the D-Day Global Campaign Website and be sure you keep posting your Battle Reports for a chance to win one of our many prizes as we continue the D-Day Global Campaign!


Fought at Week 1 Red - Orne Bridges...

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TANKS Halloween Invasion!

With Halloween just around the corner we thought we would give you a treat this year with this Halloween themed mission for TANKS! This mission can be used for both TANKS Modern and TANKS WWII. Have a happy Halloween from us at Battlefront and GF9! 


Click here to download the TANKS or Treat Mission...

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D-Day Global Campaign: Now Live

The D-Day Global Campaign Website is now live! Head on over to the Warconsole site to sign up now and begin the fight for fate of Europe!


Click here to go to the D-Day Global Campaign Website...

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