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Taking Your Games to the Next Level

Battlefield in the box terrain is the perfect addition to add to your TANKS table if you want to take your games to that next level. Adding some 3D terrain to TANKs couldn't be easier, Battlefield in a Box terrain come prepainted and ready to use right out of the box.   Along with the base terrain of four buildings and two forests, Battlefield in the box also has terrain that is used in our Organized Play Season kits that you can use to spice up your games. 

Check out Battlefield in a box here…

The easiest way to update your terrain without changing your battlefield up too much is to just place the terrain on the cardboard inserts after you deploy them. For forests just place the trees on the cardboard bases, if during the game the trees interfere with your movement, feel free to move the trees around accommodate your tanks moves. 
Picking up a couple boxes of Rural Farmhouse and a box of large Pinewoods will get you everything you need to play tanks in 3D. 


BB137 Rural Farm Buildings

BB511 Large Pine Wood

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Last Stand at El Agheila

This week we are pleased to announce that we are releasing the first in the Desert Fox Organized Play Kits as a downloadable print and play PDF. In this mission German players get to field Rommel in his captured transport "Max".

Rommel lets you re-roll a single die each turn, choosing what dice to re-roll can be tricky as he can roll any one die rolled by his platoon or the opponent's platoon. 

In this OPS download we added some cool terrain, Rommel and Last Stand at El Agheila  missions for you to download and play. 

Right click here to download the Mission Rules...

Right click here to download the Terrain Sheet...


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