Call for all Tread-Heads! Coming October 28 is our D-Day Global Online campaign. In this campaign you can play TANKS or Flames Of War games to add to your sides progress and take control of key areas of Normandy. When signing up you have to choose a side. As the Allies, you are fighting to secure the beaches and break into Normandy. As the Axis, you must do your best to defend against the Allied assaults, make tactical retreats, and finally push them back into the ocean. 

During the Campaign you will fight along three lanes that highlight key moments of Operation Overlord. Each week these will move forward to the next location and new suggested weekly missions. How well you do in each of these areas will help determine who will win the overall campaign as well as give you some awesome in-game bonuses in that lane for the following week.

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Getting Involved
The D-Day: Global Campaign is a great way to get involved in the TANKS community in your area, and as the first ever Flames Of War Global Campaign, is sure to be a massive event. Our previous two Team Yankee saw huge enthusiasm from the wargaming community with battles fought all over the world by clubs and stores everywhere.
How The Campaign Works
Your persistent campaign account will rank up and earn achievements based on how well you perform in battle. Results are recorded on the Campaign site in order to determine which side will claim victory in each sector. As the Campaign progresses along each of the lanes the winners in each sector will be tallied up to finally determine which side will be victorious at the Campaign’s conclusion.
You will be able to earn more points for their side by sharing battle reports with photographs and detailed accounts of the games they play. These reports can be viewed by other participants in the campaign and their quality voted on by those other participants, which will reward players who write more detailed reports not only with more XP towards their profile and more points towards their side’s efforts in the Campaign for Normandy, but also with personal achievements for their efforts.

TANKS players will have their recommended mission each week. If you don’t feel like running the recommended mission or you’ve already played it and want to play a different mission you can go ahead and play any mission you like and when you report the results of your battle the results will still feed directly into determining the sector’s victors.
Win Prizes! 
Not only will the winners of the Campaign be able to hold their heads high as masters of military command, there will also be a variety of great prizes for entering and playing in the Campaign.
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The biggest prizes of all will come for the Stores and Clubs that take part in the Campaign. Each Club and Store in Europe, the US, and the Rest of the World will gain one entry when they register their group on the Campaign site and one entry for every battle report posted as part of that club or store. At the end of the Campaign, one Club and one Store from each region will be drawn to win the following prize:
1 set of Rural Road and 1 set of Rural Road Expansions
5 European Houses
1 Municipal Building
1 Caen Church
1 Double Sided Battle Map
 There are plenty of ways to get involved with the Global Campaign. Your local store or club can pick up a copy of the D-Day Global Campaign pack here and have a focal point for your Campaign progress with weekly games with your regular gaming group. Another way of getting involved is simply to jump online and sign up to join the Campaign with your own profile and then when you do play battles as it suits you you can add those to the Campaign site- just be sure to encourage your opponent(s) to create their own profile for the Campaign so you can link your reports. Finally, if you’re not able to take part over the entirety of the Campaign or if you want to fight for your side in a competitive environment, you can check out the selection of tournaments that are part of the Campaign and enter your tournament results into the campaign.