The TANKS Event Kit is now available! In this kit tournament organizers (TO) will find all the tools they need to run an official TANKS tournament at their local store or club. The kit can be used to run either TANKS or TANKS: The Modern Age tournaments. The goal of the kit is to give players the tools to run organised tournaments in their local stores and clubs and to give new TOs the tools they need to run their first tournaments. 

TANKS Event Kit

Tournament Forms
In this kit you will find everything a TO needs to run a tournament, including the paperwork that the TO can used to run the tournament and keep track of scores and pairing. It also includes the paperwork players will have to submit to the TO during the tournament. Along with these materials come instructions on how to run tournaments, giving you all the tools to run a tournament regardless of your experience.


Three Categories to Compete For
In TANKS we value the Hobby and Sportsmanship of our players along with the ability to play well. So as part of our kits events players who excel in any of those three categories are reworded. Best Painted and Best Sports are determined by the participants in the tournament while the Best Commander is determined by their final game scores.

TANKS Event Kit

Along with the normal prizes your store/club would award your players in tournaments the kit comes with some cool exclusive prizes. The deck box is the perfect size to hold you platoons and TANKS cards with style! Along with the cool deck boxes there is an exclusive set of acrylic tokens only found in this kit. Each player to win in one of the three categories will receive a set of tokens and a Deck box— so make sure you crack out those paint brushes, hone your tank commander skills, and prepare for war!

The tournament pack also comes with the missions available to be used during tournaments, not all the missions will be played in each tournament giving players more variety. Stay tuned to the TANKS sight as we will be posting up the six missions found in the TANKS Event Kits.