Trucks, jeeps, and half-tracks had been scampering through the positions of the 17th/21st Lancers throughout the day, fleeing from the Germans coming through Kasserine Pass. Corporal Lorrigan flicked away a cigarette butt, then climbed aboard his Valentine tank. No more transports appeared as he settled into the turret, nudging the gunner, ‘Wakey, wakey lad. Rommel’s on his way.’

The flat crack of heavy cannon rounds passing nearby announced the arrival of the panzers on the next ridge. ‘Gunner, traverse left…steady…on! 1000, Tank…FIRE!’. The two-pounder slammed back, venting cordite into the cramped turret. The tracer arced into the panzer, then bounced, soaring into the evening sky, the range too long for their shot to have any effect against the bigger German tanks. 

‘Advance and engage’, crackled through the radio. Lorrigan started forward, advancing with the rest of the troop, firing on the move. Twice he saw German tanks brewed up, smoke curling from their hatches. Pausing in the cover of a dry stream bed, Lorrigan peered about. Time flowed
strangely in combat—somehow the sun was almost down and there were no friends nearby. Looking around and seeing several wrecked Valentines, he muttered. ‘Death or bleedin' Glory alright. Too much of both around here.’

Following hot on the heels of the Italians in April, the British receive reinforcements of the heaviest type with the Valentine and Churchill tanks. The Valentine tank comes with three different options giving players a solid mix to choose from. Of course they all feature the Heavy Tank rule that lets you sit in the middle of the enemy and slug it out with a measure of protection.


Along with the tank cards you will also get a unique platoon upgrade that will benefit both the Valentine tank and the Crusader tank.


The Churchill tanks take Heavy Tank to the next level with even more Damage Points (and two Defence Dice), as well as an option for a heavily armoured Close Support Artillery tank so you can rain down fire on your enemies whilst still being able to mix it up at close range if necessary.

British Tanks Preview

British Tanks Preview British Tanks Preview

British Tanks Preview

These new British tanks and the final month of this seasons Organised Play Kit will be available in stores from June 2018.