Hans-Georg Lueder led an interesting German formation of tanks that consisted of a mix of Tiger and Panzer III tanks. We wanted to reflect this unlikely pairing in TANKS and have introduced loads of cool cards to let players create their own Kampfgruppe Lueder.
The Tanks

Let’s first look at the Tiger and Panzer III variants; there are two of each to choose from at the moment. Will you take the more veteran late war Tigers or will you use the more green Tigers from the desert? Do you want to invest points into Panzer III (long) tanks to reach that attack of 4 or do you want to save those points to add more upgrades? Even with only four tanks to choose from your Kampfgruppe Lueder can come in many forms. 
Burning Bright      Burning Bright
Hans-Georg Lueder

Now let’s look at the Hero Crew card for Hans-Georg Lueder himself. For six points he gives his tank +3 Initiative in the shooting step, but it is his other ability that really sets him apart. He can give out a single re-roll each turn to any Panzer III or Tiger tank in your force. This can be used for any roll involving one of those two types of tanks as long as it is that tank making the roll.  This ability makes Lueder very flexible. Need some repair work? Need to re-roll an attack die? Lueder can help. The challenge is in knowing when to best use his ability each turn.   
Kampfgruppe Lueder

The next card to look at when building this platoon is Kampfgruppe Lueder. This card can boost your Tiger tank initiative very easily. For example, bring one Tiger and 5 Panzer III tanks and you that Tiger will be starting the game with a base of Initiative 10 during the movement step.

Tiger Escort Tank

For your Panzer III tanks we have the Tiger Escort Tank card. This card is really interesting and it takes practice to effectively determine when it should be used. Being able to give up your shooting to make your Tiger hit even harder is great, and even better when two Panzer III tanks give up their shooting to help your Tiger re-roll four attack dice.
One of the cool new concepts that we are showcasing in these expansions is themed list building. As TANKS grows you can expect to see more cards that give interesting abilities to platoons that are built to a theme.  

This week we have a challenge! How would you build a 100 point Kampfgruppe Lueder platoon? We will showcase the most interesting lists with next week’s update. 

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