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The D-Day Global Campaign

  Call for all Tread-Heads! Coming October 28 is our D-Day Global Online campaign. In this campaign you can play TANKS or Flames Of War games to add to your sides progress and take control of key areas of Normandy. When signing up you have to choose a side. As the Allies, you are fighting to secure the beaches and break into Normandy. As the Axis, you must do your best to defend against the Allied assaults, make tactical retreats, and finally push them back into the ocean.  During the Campaign you will fight along three lanes that highlight key moments of Operation Overlord. Each week these will move forward to the next location and new suggested weekly missions. How well you do in each of these areas will help determine who will win the overall campaign as well as give you some awesome in-game bonuses in that lane for the following week. ...

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