American Sherman Tank Expansion
American Tank companies represent the mobile component of the US Army. Their task is turning a minor breakthrough into a total defeat for the enemy. Striking with the full power of their guns and armour, the tanks smash through the enemy lines before wreaking havoc within the enemy’s vulnerable rear areas, destroying artillery, support units and command centres.
American Sherman Tank Expansion
Sherman Tanks

By the Spring of 1945, the American army was at its peak in terms of experience and equipment. The trusty Sherman tank had seen the army through from the very beginning, adopting many variants along the way. Powerful engines, advanced track suspensions, and heavier armament was standard in the late models of the old US battle tank.


Sometimes this was not enough to counter the German weapons of the period, such as the simple-to-use hand-held Panzerfaust anti-tank launcher. To deal with these threats, US tankers made their own improvements to their Shermans, such as adding extra armour plating, sand-bag improvised armour, additional machine-guns, and taking aboard dedicated riflemen as tank escorts to keep the enemy at bay.

Pershing Heavy Tanks 

A special mission has rushed 20 of the modern M26 ‘Pershing’ heavy tanks to the front. The 9th Armored Division has created a whole platoon of M26 Pershings while 3rd Armored Division has given them out one per company.


Meanwhile, somewhere in a workshop the good old boys from 3rd Armored Division maintenance are showing American ingenuity by cutting out armour plates from German Panther tanks and welding them to a Pershing armed with a long 90mm gun. Thus they have created the unique T26E4 ‘Super Pershing’. Let’s now see how the Germans like it when the boot’s on the other foot!

 American Sherman Tank Expansion
American Sherman Tank Expansion Americans in TANKS
The Americans are designed to be very aggressive. Their core rule Gung-Ho incorporates this play style. Not being hampered by their first move each turn allows the American tanks to be a mobile strike force that will constantly be on the move. American heroes are also built with aggression in mind, helping to keep their tanks moving forward towards the enemy.
The Americans have a great mix of tanks and heroes in the first wave of TANKS. The Sherman is a great all-around tank for its points. Pershing tanks are heavy-hitting and hard to kill, and they are also great at taking and holding objectives. 

I want my American TANKS list to show the flexibility of the American Sherman tank. I wanted a list that was both heavy hitting and has a good number of tanks. 
American Sherman Tank Expansion 
American Sherman Tank ExpansionAmerican Sherman Tank Expansion

In my assault list I am focusing on getting in close and hitting hard. My Sherman (75mm) tanks are my forward spearhead. I plan to simply point them towards the enemy and move straight in. My Sherman (76mm) tanks will move up the flanks to help surround my opponent's tanks and hopefully get some side shots. My Shermans (76mm) tanks have been upgraded with Cunning Commander, Cunning Driver and Bloodthirsty Gunner. The two Cunning upgrades give my Sherman (76mm) tanks a huge boost in the movement step, making them initiative 8. The Bloodthirsty Gunner gives my Shermans (76mm) Attack 6 when at close range; combined with its initiative, this makes for a close-range fighter with good tactical potential. 
What do you think about this list? How would you build it better? What would you use to defeat my list? I would love to hear your thoughts. Click the link to the right to discuss this on the forums.
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