From it’s first encounters in 1941 the T-34 would become one of the most influential tank designs of the Second World War. The T-34 was continously refined over the years to increase effectiveness and decrease costs, allowing vast numbers to be fielded at once. Eventually, the T-34/85 variant was built to combat the appearance of heavy German tanks.

This pack contains:
1x Unassembled T-34 tank
1x T-34 tank card
1x T-34/85 tank card
2x Hero cards
1x Crew card
2x Upgrade cards


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Soviet T-34 Tank Expansion
Soviet T-34 Tank ExpansionSoviet T-34 Tank Expansion
Assembling The Soviet T-34 and T-35/85

Soviet T-34 Tank Expansion
 Soviet T-34 Tank Expansion