The main armament of the AMX-30 consists of a powerful 105mm gun and a co-axially mounted 20mm automatic cannon, uniquely allowing the AMX-30 to be a threat to both tanks and helicopters. The AMX AUF1 combines an AMX-30 hull with a turret equipped with a fast firing 155mm howitzer capable of laying down a fearsome barrage on far away targets.

This pack contains:
1x Unassembled AMX-30 or AMX-AUF1 tank
1x AMX-30 Tank card
1x AMX-AUF1 Tank card
2x Hero cards
2x Crew cards
1x Upgrade card


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French AMX-30 Tank Expansion
French AMX-30 Tank Expansion   French AMX-30 Tank Expansion
French AMX-30 Tank ExpansionFrench AMX-30 Tank Expansion  
Assembling The AMX-30
French AMX-30 Tank Expansion
 French AMX-30 Tank Expansion