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Chris at Tanks HQ  
#1 Posted : Thursday, July 7, 2016 3:43:11 PM(UTC)
Chris at Tanks HQ

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This week Andrew has posted up his German list, what do you think? What does your German army look like?

In case you have not seen the article here is a link...

What do you think about his list? How would you build it better? What would you use to defeat the list?

I am sure he would love to hear your thoughts.

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WolfBenrath on 7/7/2016(UTC)
#2 Posted : Thursday, July 7, 2016 5:48:16 PM(UTC)

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i like it except for the super velocity shot. u will be on average netting less hits with it. so say your range one your getting 8 dice with it hitting on 5s thats will net u 2.66 of hits so 2-3 hits on average. now if u say include the british rule and reroll keeping one it goes to 3.33 if my math is right. now say with out the ammo u throw 6 dice thats nets u 3 hits your already with out spening the points almost at the same of a rerolls ammo shot. now with the reroll u will net i think in the end 3.5. this is also asuming your range and getting the brit reroll. i like most of the ammo in the game but this one cause u will almost always get the same hit as with out shooting with it.

but other then that i really like the list. the cromwell is the highest int tank in the game currently which i think is its biggest strength. it can easily get to int 10 and the only other tank that came come close is the panther and he can only get to 10. bumping the cromwell to 11 would grantee it being the last tank to move and first to shoot. other then other cromwells. i wanna try a 3 high int crom list built on drawing mutli crit cards so they can pic on one tank and make sure it wont get a shoot when it int coms cause the croms will be picking the worst of the crits.

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#3 Posted : Thursday, July 7, 2016 6:39:45 PM(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: shifty33 Go to Quoted Post
i like it except for the super velocity shot. u will be on average netting less hits with it.

It actually does better if you're rolling up to 3 dice (not counting the extra two that it gives you). At 4 dice it's a wash, and at 5+ dice you're better off with normal ammo. That's not taking into account rerolls or the difference between normal hits and criticals. Super velocity shot definitely helps if you're going for critical hits. I can't wrap my head around what it means for rerolls at this late hour.

I like the list; Cromwells and Fireflies seem like an ideal combination. But I don't know about Bloodthirsty Gunner on the Fireflies; seems like it'd only be effective on a higher-initiative tank, and it will usually mean giving up Semi-Indirect Fire (the latter of which isn't a big deal, I guess).
#4 Posted : Friday, July 8, 2016 12:16:37 PM(UTC)

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It's an interesting list & I can see the intention, which is maximising firepower. However, as you say, it strikes me as being very fragile & I don't really see the point of spending so much on APDS (5pts per Firefly).

Why not lose the APDS & run two Cromwells & a Firefly?

My preference would be an historic troop:
1x Firefly (21), Joe Ekins (3), Liquid courage (1)
1x Cromwell (23), Radio Co-ord (3)
1x Cromwell (23), Bloodthirsty gunner (3)
1x Cromwell

17/18 shots vs 14 on your list. It takes a risk on initiative but has three fast tanks, so has plenty of scope to manoeuvre, plus is backed by a Firefly with Ekins in over watch.

Alternatively why not this:
1x Comet (29), Joe Ekins (3), Precise loader (4), Liquid courage (1)
1x Cromwell (23), Harris (6), Radio co-ord (3), Precise loader (4), Liquid courage (1)
1x Cromwell (23), Bloodthirsty gunner (3)

- basically your list (13/14 shots vs 14) but faster and a bit more durable with the Comet.


Ps can we have more British heroes please? At least Sgt 'Killer' Dring...
#5 Posted : Friday, July 8, 2016 2:25:16 PM(UTC)

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I really dislike the 'final fury' rule, which in many ways nerfs init in general and a list like this in particular.

DDAW implemented a 'remove immediately when killed' rule over STAW, and in my mind that was one of the best improvements to the game system.

#6 Posted : Saturday, July 9, 2016 3:17:31 AM(UTC)

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Final Fury is only a pain assuming the opposing tank died taking no crits. The critical deck I think is built around crippling opposed less initiative shots. Super Velocity Shot seems pretty decent to me for this reason.

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